Network Leadership Webinars2019-08-14T15:34:57-06:00

Join us September 26th for a discussion with Pedja Stojicic, M.D., Project Director of the Ripple Foundation’s ReThink Health Initiative. More details are coming soon – save your spot and register today!

Past Webinar Archive

These free webinars are based on the premise that everyone involved in a network requires network leadership skills in order to be an active, effective member of a network. Come learn how Network Leadership applies to the ongoing, everyday work of building, managing, and evaluating effective networks.

Evaluating Collaboration From the Ground Up: August 2019 Webinar

Download the Slides Starting an evaluation of a coalition, network or other inter-organizational partnership isn't easy.  Leah Perkinson of Evergreen Consulting joned us for an hour-long discussion on evaluating collaboration the right way to make the most of your analysis. Leah is an Evaluation Consultant with [...]

Using Network Analysis to Design Better Health Systems

This webinar will explore how network evaluation & analysis can be used to aid in the process of designing better health systems at the organizational level. Three key considerations will be discussed: 1) diversity of participants, 2) equity in governance, and 3) centrality of the [...]

Webinar: Cross-Sector Community Network Evaluations: Stories of Success Using the Partner Tool

Presenters: Blythe Butler, First 2000 Days Network & Jennifer Marshall, Florida’s Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program Hear from a panel of experienced community network evaluators on how they adopted and implemented the social network analysis tool, PARTNER, to evaluate the relationships and [...]