A Data-Driven Strategic Network Management Cycle

The PARTNER Method is our process for designing, tracking & adapting strategies to advance a network’s objective. Shift your mindset, design your strategy, track and map your relational data, adapt your plans accordingly, and enact them with your partners.
Adding Method to the Madness with PARTNER

Our products, services and learning opportunities all draw from our PARTNER Methodology. We start by helping shifting mindsets to view partnerships and collaboration with a network science lens. We then help design a network strategy and track the network of partners over time using our PARTNER CPRM. This allows us to continually adapt our strategy and enact changes to improve our collaborative process and reach our network objectives. 

Ecosystem Mapping

1. Shift Your Mindset

The first step involves shifting the way you think about networks. Working with our team, you will learn how to think like a network scientists and apply that perspective to your strategy and situation. This is the foundation for your PARTNER future.

2. Design Your Strategy

Next we work with you to design a strategy for your network or project, identifying your priorities and goals that you wish to accomplish. Ideally, this is a collaborative process that involves numerous members of the network rather than just a few key players.

3. Track Your Network

Third, we use our software and network science expertise to help you map and track your network as it grows and evolves. The PARTNER CPRM allows you to see how your network is changing over time so you can identify what is working and what needs attention.

4. Adapt Your Plans

With your data and network maps collected, you can work with your network to adapt your plans and strategy to reach your goals effectively. You may need to change minor aspects of your strategy or overhaul it entirely – that’s up to you!

5. Enact Your Changes

Lastly, with with our network of coaches and facilitators to begin enacting your new, adapted strategy out in the field with your network, and continue to track and adapt your changes again regularly in the future.

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