Programs to Strengthen Social Connectedness Among Young People

Programs to Strengthen Social Connectedness Among Young People: April 2022 Webinar

Social connectedness is a major factor in a young person’s development and growth. From the moment we are first born, we are dependent on a network of social support, including parents, siblings, neighbors, family, and friends. These individuals and organizations serve as mentors and peers, share new resources and opportunities, and provide companionship and a sense of belonging. 

This April we learned from three leaders working to strengthen social connections among youth through a number of innovative programs and collaborations. They introduced their programs, shared their best practices and lessons learned that you can apply to your own organizations, programs, and goals. 

You can watch the complete webinar on-demand recording further below, and share it with anyone you think might learn something new that helps them in their work. 

Meet our Webinar Speakers!

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Meet Our Webinar Hosts:

The Center on Network Science is an active hub of network research, evaluation, and education and is dedicated to serving as a resource for communities, organizations, faculty, staff, and, students. Our goal is to build knowledge, skills, and tools for network leaders and managers to be able to use data to understand their networks, inform decisions, and improve collaboration. 

Visible Network Labs is a team of network scientists, developers, data analysts, evaluators and technologists working together with a shared mission: building society’s capacity to transform and strengthen social connectedness at all levels of life. We focus on creating new tools, training and services that make network science and analysis accessible to those who need it most.

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Every month at VNL, we invite one of our staff or community partners to present on network leadership topic they specialize in. We cover a broad range of areas, from building new networks and partnerships, managing them strategically, and evaluating collaboration to demonstrate impact and improve over time. If you are interested in presenting at a Network Leader Webinar in the future, please contact our team to discuss your ideas in greater depth.