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Who is the Best Person to Take my Network Survey?

Who is the Best Person to Take My Network Survey?

If you’ve ever designed a survey, you know that one of the most crucial steps is picking respondents. For a survey of members of an inter-organizational network, this step usually first involves identifying the organizations to which to distribute the survey. At Visible Network Labs,

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2020 Network Leadership Event Updates

Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources The Network Innovation Summit May 18th | Denver, Colorado We are excited to announce the first annual Network Innovation Summit! This highly engaging, design sprint-style day brings together big thinkers, network enthusiasts, and innovative practitioners from around the world

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Managing Turf in a Network

Managing Turf in a Network: Keeping it Under Control

Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources This December, we surveyed more than 150 network leaders in our annual State of Networks Survey. The number of people mentioning “turf” as a daily problem in their collaborative work really struck me! Responses suggested that “turf” was associated

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New to PARTNER: GIS Map Integration

Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources People have been asking us since we first created PARTNER for GIS mapping functionality. Today, we’re proud to share that you can map your networks geographically as a new feature of the Platform. Here’s how to access and try

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Better Communication in Networks

Better Communication in Networks: Four Research-Informed Tips

Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources In our 2019 Annual Network Survey, we found that network leaders consistently reported communication as their biggest obstacle. Maintaining communication between network members isn’t easy. Rather, it’s easy to stumble into miscommunication and resulting conflict, which keeps you from

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Twenty Quotes to Inspire Collaboration and Teamwork

Twenty Quotes to Inspire Collaboration & Teamwork

Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources Collaboration isn’t easy – sometimes, a good quote can inspire us to keep working towards our common goals. Here are thirty quotes to inspire collaboration and teamwork that we’ve come across in our work. They’re perfect for your next

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Getting to Know our New Learning Manager, Keri Smith!

Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources We are so pleased to welcome Keri Smith to our team as our Network Learning Manager! She is providing leadership to our Learning Lab programs, including our in-person trainings and conferences, online course and Webinar series. We asked her

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Networks are Inclusive, Equitable and Diverse… Right?

Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources This is the first follow-up to the introductory blog “Networks are the Answer…Right?“ by VNL’s CEO, Dr. Danielle Varda, exploring the question of whether we have pushed the limits of collaborative networks, and how the risks might outweigh the

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Creating bias-free surveys

Create Bias-Free Surveys: Three Pitfalls to Avoid

Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources Bias is pernicious: it creeps into all kinds of research, including surveys and social network analysis! The more bias you introduce into your survey, the less reliable and accurate your data will be. This is why it’s important to

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Networks are the answer

Networks are the Answer… Right?

Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources While most of us think networks are the answer, it’s not always true. It’s okay to get a little overwhelmed by how over-networked we have become: I certainly do. That might surprise you, given that I run an organization

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Most of our blogs articles relate back to the five step of our PARTNER method for designing and adapting data-driven network strategies. From shifting your mindset and creating strategy, to collecting and analyzing data, we help in the blog. 

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