Creating The Future of Network Science

The Network Science Fellowship is an international program that provides students and junior scholars the opportunity to work with one of the world’s largest inter-organizational datasets, with a focus on translating network data to practice.

The program starts with an introduction to network science, the PARTNER Tool, data management, and social network analysis and ends with a 3-day network analysis workshop in Denver, CO. By the end of the Network Science Fellowship program, fellows will be able to apply network science concepts to practice, be proficient with network data management and analysis, and have formed a community of network scholars who are positioned to advance the field of network science. Visit the Learning Lab for more VNL Learning programs.

The Network Science Fellowship

About our Network Science Fellowship Fellows

The 2018 cohort of Network Science Fellows included 10 scholars from four countries, six states, seven universities, and seven disciplines of study. These outstanding fellows are emerging network scholars dedicated to applying network science to practice.