PARTNER CPRM Custom Reporting

PARTNER users can choose from multiple reporting options to share their PARTNER visualizations and insights with internal and external stakeholders and partners. Contact our Team, and we can help you figure out which of our PARTNER Report options best meets your needs. You can also learn more about each report or order one below.

Custom Report Pricing

Get even more value from PARTNER with our expertly prepared reports. Purchase one of these reports once your data is collected and ready for analysis by our team. Contact our team to learn more about your options with one of our experts.

Highlight Report -

A 2-3 page report ideal for sharing your story with external stakeholders.

Full Report -

A 15+ page report ideal for quality improvement with internal stakeholders.

Comparison Report -

A 15+ page comparison two networks or one network at two points in time.

Subnetwork Report -

An in-depth analysis of a specific subgroup within the full network.

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Contact the VNL team to demo PARTNER™ or discuss a research or evaluation project. We can help you learn more about our services, help brainstorm project designs, and provide a custom scope based on your budget and needs. We look forward to connecting! 

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