Webinar: Collaboration Launchpad: Sparking your Network’s Connections

Collaboration Launchpad: Sparking your Network’s Connections. The first step to forming a network is getting the right people in the room. The second step is to get them talking to one another. Join Katie Edwards, Executive Director, of the Nonprofit Centers Network, as she shares tools for getting your network members to share deeply, discover common goals, and map your way to collective solutions. Since 2004, The Nonprofit Centers Network (NCN) has focused on bringing together nonprofits under one roof with the goal of sparking collaboration. While some connections will happen organically, NCN has seen significant improvement in the degree of connectedness and activity when one person takes the role of a network facilitator. They designed the Collaboration Launchpad as a half-day intervention to spark new connections and relationships within a network. During this webinar, Katie will share lessons learned and discuss how you can employ these tools in your own community.

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