Designing Your Network Strategy – July 2020 Network Leadership Webinar

Best Practices & Advice for Designing Your Network Strategy.

Our July 2020 Network Leadership from the Field Webinar focused on Designing Your Network Strategy. Dr. Danielle Varda, CEO & Founder of Visible Network Labs, leads this 45 minute session by walking through our Network Strategy Template Document. 

A network strategy consists of the choices you make about HOW you collaborate to reach shared goals. Many groups think the decision to collaborate IS their strategy – but it’s really just the beginning. To build a real network strategy, you have to think intentionally about how you’re building your network. Who works with who? Which partner plays which role? Where are partnerships necessary and where are they redundant? These are the types of questions that lead to a well-developed network strategy. So where do you start?

In the webinar, Dr. Varda introduces our VNL Strategy Template. It’s an easy to follow guide that walks you through the main categories to consider when designing a network strategy. Join our online course to get a copy of the template for your organization and start designing your network strategy.

Use Data & Evidence to Inform Your Strategy.

The best network strategies are also data-driven and evidence-informed. Our PARTNER method drives a quality improvement process to collect data and adapt your strategy accordingly over time. While we introduce the method in the webinar, you can learn about it more in depth on our homepage here

The metrics we use to measure our network were created specifically with network management in mind. Using community participatory research methods, we dug into network evaluation and designed new metrics for hard to measure concepts like trust, power and value. The result are a robust set of scientifically validated network metrics that directly relate to and inform your network’s strategic decision-making.

Curious about learning more about Designing Your Network Strategy? Visit our Learning Lab for webinars, events and our online course launching this fall. Thanks to CU Denver Center on Network Science for their support with these network leadership programs.

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