Our Team

Amanda Beacom

Senior Network Scientist

Amanda is a member of VNL’s evaluation team and a social scientist with expertise in network science.

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Mike Cooper

VP of Engineering

As VP of Engineering, Mike has been the brain behind our tools & technology.He leads our Engineering Team at VNL.

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Alex Derr

Marketing Communications Manager

Alex manages our marketing program, creating resources and content to help our clients & community.

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Andrea Johnson

Senior Product Manager

Andrea manages the development of the PARTNER Platform, coordinating projects & creating UX/UI designs.

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Ethan Leisinger

Engineering Contractor

Ethan assists our Engineering Team as an external partner, providing coding & development support.

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Jonathan Mischke

VP of Marketing Communications

Jonathan leads our marketing and brand strategy efforts, shaping the way we present our solutions & tools.

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Pooja Pendharkar

Director of Community Experiences

Pooja provides leadership to our community-building effort to provide value to our partners, clients and followers.

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Sara Sprong

VP of Strategic Initiatives

Sara is the link between our tools, clients, & solutions, ensuring we continue to adapt to meet the needs of our community.

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Tobie Tsuzuki

Full Stack Engineer

Tobie is a member of our Engineering Team, supporting their work developing and adding to the PARTNER Platform.

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Danielle Varda, Ph.D

CEO & Founder

Danielle founded VNL to change the way we build & use networks to affect change. She provides leadership to the entire company.

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Jake Watts

Jake Watts

Data Science Intern

Jacob is a member of our projects team, providing data science and analytics support for our clients.

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Andy Zheng

Network Data Analyst

Andy is a member of our evaluation team, providing data analytics and visualization support for our clients.

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We're Proud of our Past Interns.


Girls Inc. Intern


Girls Inc. Intern