Advice for Collecting & Analyzing Network Data for Your Strategy

You’re working as part of a network of partners, but you’re not sure if you’re doing this correctly. Sound familiar? Collaboration feels like some naturally intuitive; we often see groups build partnerships simply because they know there is value. When it comes to thinking about partnership at a deeper level, it can get overwhelming fast. We help networks develop a specific data-driven network strategy to track their process as a collaborative and improve the outcomes they’re aiming for. By collecting & analyzing network data, we can provide key insights about the structure and quality of your connections to improve the way you build partnerships and collaborate together.

A Network Strategy Can Help You & Your Partners Reach Your Goals Faster

In this monthly network leadership webinar, Dr. Danielle Varda will share more about collecting and analyzing network data for your strategy. This includes best practices for sending surveys, along with a walkthrough of the PARTNER Network Analyzer, our tool for analyzing and mapping network data. In our next webinar, we’ll focus on translating that data, once analyzed, into action steps that adapt and drive our strategy moving forward. You can watch that webinar here.

Want to learn more about tracking your network strategy? Visit our Learning Lab for webinars, events and our online course launching this fall. Thanks to CU Denver Center on Network Science for their support with these network leadership programs.

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