We use network science to map and strengthen the connections that influence health and well-being.

Our software visualizes networks to create actionable insights that strengthen your impact. We take two approaches: systems-level analysis that improves community partnerships; and the individual screening of social needs and support networks to improve health and well-being. 

We are a Social Enterprise Dedicated to Strengthening Social Connectedness

Networks are everywhere in our lives: As professionals, we all work with networks of community partners, while as individuals, we all maintain personal support networks of family, neighbors, and friends. Our ties to others help us share resources, discover unique ideas, and create new solutions… but they’re difficult to understand and see.

Our founder & CEO, Dr. Danielle Varda knew social network analysis could help us fill this critical gap. She created the first version of PARTNER in 2009, a simple Excel-based tool for mapping networks. Today, the PARTNER platform is a complete tracking and learning system for social network analysis at multiple levels.

Our Network Science Perspective Drives our Innovation and Solutions.

Network science, the study of networks, aims to develop theories about the ways networks develop, function, and produce outcomes. Network scientists use social network analysis to measure the structure and quality of a network. They use this data to draw conclusions about the relationship between a network’s attributes and outcomes.

Through decades of research, network scientists have identified many rules about the way networks form and function. For example, the ‘Theory of Weak Ties’ suggests that ties with acquaintances actually produce more new ideas and opportunities than ties with close friends. Both our team and our tools use these principles to help our clients build smarter, stronger networks that enable them achieve their goals.

Our PARTNER Platform Suite of Tools

A social network analysis tool for screening and mapping individual personal support networks, identifying social needs and adverse social connectedness, and providing community referrals to fill gaps and improve health and well-being.

A social network analysis tool for mapping, tracking, and analyzing systems-level networks of community partners over time to demonstrate your impact, make better management decisions and improve your strategy for the future.

Get to Know our Award-Winning Team!

Our team is composed of network scientists, data analysts, software engineers, and designers focused on strengthening social connectedness in all facets of society. Get to know them below, or visit our Job Board to see our current openings.

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