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Addressing complex issues like health inequity and climate change requires strong community collaboration. PARTNER transforms hidden community networks into clear visuals, helping you measure shared impact and plan strategic interventions. Supported by data analytics and expert onboarding services, PARTNER is more than a tool; it’s your ally in driving community change. Together, let’s make a meaningful impact.

Platform to Analyze, Record, and Track Networks to Enhance Relationships

PARTNER is a platform for analyzing, recording, and tracking networks to enhance relationships. It is home to a growing suite of products that leverage network science methods to strengthen community ecosystems and social impact. Each PARTNER product is powerful on its own, but they have the most impact when used with the guidance and support of our experts.

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Map Track, and Visualize Your Network of Community Partners

A community partner relationship management system designed for tracking and managing your community ecosystem. Leverage your network data to visualize the system, demonstrate your shared impact, link collaboration to outcomes, and generate strategies for the future.


Assess Social Health Gaps to Strengthen Social Connectedness

A person-centered tool for assessing and addressing the social determinants of health and adverse social connectedness. It takes a strengths-based approach to map support networks, identify unmet needs, and fill support gaps with targeted community resource referrals.

Get help implementing PARTNER in your organization, or work with our team on a research or evaluation project using advanced methods and software development and customization. Learn more below or contact our team to get started.

Onboarding & Implementation Services

Work with our experts to get started with the PARTNER platform in your organization or network. A dedicated member of our team will help you design your data measures, build your team’s capacity, and implement the platform within your specific workflow needs.

Research &
Evaluation Services

Work with our experts on a custom research or evaluation project. With expertise in network analysis, mixed-methods, community-participatory research, technology development, and design thinking, we leverage a unique approach to measure impact and guide your strategy.

All of our software solutions are powered by network science

PARTNER uses network science to map, measure, and understand how your relationships and collaboration influence the outcomes you care about. We use validated metrics and social network analysis to provide accurate, actionable insights that can improve how you build and leverage networks. Learn the basics about this fascinating field of study below with our Network Science 101 resource.

We are a social enterprise working to strengthen social connectedness

Social health consists of our social connectedness to other people, our access to the social determinants of health, and our mental and behavioral health status. It is a significant factor in our overall health outcomes. However, very few providers measure or address the social health of those they serve. We are building the tools necessary to assess social health and provide social care plans that will transform individual health, happiness, and well-being.

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Our team is composed of network scientists, data analysts, software engineers, and designers focused on strengthening social connectedness in all facets of society. Get to know them below, or visit our Job Board to see our current openings.

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