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Start leveraging network science data & insights

PARTNER CPRM uses network science methods to map relationships with community partners, link collaboration with community outcomes, and create data-driven network strategies to improve your performance. Request a demo to learn more and get started.


Our newest PARTNER version is our most powerful and advanced yet, with exciting new features and a cleaner, streamlined interface that makes it easier to use and navigate than ever before. Learn more about what’s coming this fall.

Seeing is Believing: Make your invisible networks visible

PARTNER CPRM, our community partner relationship management system, leverages network science to visualize, manage, and track your collaborative community ecosystem. Start generating data-driven insights that help you collaborate strategically, demonstrate your shared impact, and achieve your goals faster and with fewer resources. Get started with a Demo or Discovery Call below.

Tell your community partners, funders, and key stakeholders a compelling network story.

Every group of partners has a story to tell about their work and its impact on real people’s lives. PARTNER CPRM helps create the ‘front cover’ of your community’s collaborative story by visualizing how you all came together, built new ties, and collaborated over time to make a difference in your community.

Demonstrate the impact of your collaboration with community partners and link processes with outcomes.

Network analysis and visualization is a powerful way to link system and community outcomes to show how your relationship-building approach affects the broader system and community. Demonstrate your shared impact to support grant applications, communicate with stakeholders, and target your community interventions.

Generate actionable insights to improve your performance and create a network strategy

Most organizations focus on building a bigger network of partners with more interaction and engagement – but that saps everyone’s time, resources, and energy. PARTNER CPRM provides relational data and insights to build smarter, strategic networks that include the fewest number of key relationships required to achieve your goals.

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Say goodbye to CRMs and spreadsheets.

Managing a network or ecosystem of partners isn’t easy – yet most organizations rely on spreadsheets or CRMs to track what’s happening. Yet these tools don’t track how your partners interact and how your network structure and dynamics change over time. PARTNER is the only platform for providing visibility into your entire collaborative ecosystem.

Ecosystem Mapping with PARTNER CPRM

Upload & Manage Your Community Partner Info

Manage all your community partners in one place with unlimited attributes, tags, and notes. Sort and filter by any data field and export lists to share with partners and colleagues.

Send Surveys & Capture Relational Data

Collect relational data that captures how your partners are interconnecting and interacting over time using our integrated Survey Builder and Interaction Capture features.

Map & Analyze Your Network of Community Partners

Generate maps, charts, and tables using relational and non-relational data to generate powerful actionable insights. Use GIS Mapping to identify place-based insights.

Share Your Insights with Reports & Profiles

Get your data and discoveries into your partners’ hands with Member Profiles, Data Dashboards, Reports, and other data sharing and reporting tools.

Meet our clients and community partners

PARTNER CPRM is used in a broad array of industries and sectors for community partner relationship management. Most of our clients and subscribers work in community and population health, public education, criminal justice, and mental and behavioral health. See our ongoing project partnerships below.

Mapping and evaluating the Rock County Public Health Network

network evaluation

We helped the Rocky County Public Health Department in south-central Wisconsin map and evaluate their network of community partners to adapt their collaborative strategy for addressing health inequities.

PARTNER CPRM Features You'll Love

Build and send network surveys to your partners

Gather info on your partner’s opinions, connections, resources, and goals to guide your strategy.

Manage all your partners and their information

Upload, filter, sort, and track your community partner relationships with attributes, tags, and profiles.

Visualize and map your network of partners

View your network to see how you are embedded and discover insights to guide your collaboration.

Track how your connections change over time

Collect data at multiple points in time to capture and visualize how your network dynamics evolve.

Build and download custom partner reports

Share your data and network visualizations by creating and sharing customized reports.

View and share network member profiles

Make your data accessible to your partners by sharing access to profiles with visualizations and info.

Leverage validated trust and value scores

Measure perceptions of trust and the types of value your partners bring with our validated measures.

Capture and track interactions with your partners

Add info on partner interactions, like meetings or phone calls, and send question to those present.

What's your use case?

PARTNER CPRM is a flexible platform with the ability to add significant customization for your specific needs. Used in a variety of different environments, these are the most common solutions it provides for our project partners and clients.

Keep track of all your community partner information in one platform to eliminate silos, avoid losing info during transitions, and streamline your processes and reporting. Assess the quality of your relationships with network metrics including our trust and value scores.  Learn More

Collect and analyze relational data from your network of partners to design and adapt a network strategy that guides your partnership-building efforts. Utilize tracking over time to receive real-time feedback and stay on track toward reaching your goals.

Learn more.

Gather data on your collaborative community impact and link your partnerships and processes with outcomes using our systems-based evaluation framework. Track and assess the impact and effect of your collaboration with partners across your community. Learn more

Collect relational data for conducting a complete social network analysis of your network or community ecosystem. Leverage powerful network metrics like centrality and density along with integrated GIS mapping, cross tabs, reporting, and more. Learn more

Map your entire community ecosystem of partners, community members, populations, and others that make up the network of networks in your area – to identify key players, gaps in connection, and opportunities to improve the efficiency of your work across sectors. Learn more.

Leverage relational data and network analysis to engage with your community partners more efficiently and effectively. Manage shared resources, democratize data to share your insights back with the community, and track how relationships change and grow over time, with support from our team of community engagement specialists. Learn more

Assess the impact and effectiveness of a network, coalition, or other collaborative system using a network analysis and science approach. Leverage our unique 4-part evaluation framework and evaluate how the system changes overtime with dynamic analysis – ideal for developmental evaluation practitioners. Learn more

Uncover the hidden relationships and interactions that drive outcomes in your community with our powerful relationship mapping solutions. With options for mapping connections at the individual and organizational levels, PARTNER has the relationship-mapping tools you need to succeed. Learn more

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