Map, Track, and Strengthen Your Network of Community Partners

Introducing our Community Partner Relationship Management Platform, PARTNER CPRM

PARTNER CPRM maps and analyzes your network of partners to demonstrate your collective impact and identify ways to improve your collaborative strategy. Contact us or request a demo to learn more and get started.

The "Network Way of Working" is the New Normal.

Yet most organizations do not use data to drive their collaborative strategy.

PARTNER CPRM is so much more than a survey. As an all-in-one tracking and learning system, it helps you collect, map, and analyze your data so you can identify gaps and opportunities for more effective collaboration. With numerous report options and the ability to export network maps and visible network profiles, you can easily share your results with partners and the community to make the most of your data.

Actionable insights powered by network science and social network analysis.

PARTNER uses social network analysis and network science theory to create actionable insights for strengthening your network. See where trust and value are strong and where you can improve. Identify your key players, find new shared resources to leverage, and demonstrate your collective impact to community stakeholders. PARTNER CPRM does it all and more.

Choose From Two Options to Use PARTNER CPRM

No two networks are the same. That’s why we offer two ways to use PARTNER CPRM. Learn more about our subscription options below or click here to contact our team and setup a complimentary web demo to get started today.

Grab and Go Packages

Get a monthly subscription to use PARTNER CPRM on your own. It includes features for building and sending surveys, managing your network members, analyzing and exploring results, and building and sharing reports. Additional features and reports are available on an a la carte basis. 

Enterprise Packages

Get complete access to PARTNER CPRM with a monthly subscription, along with our expert services. Our team of network scientists can help you design and implement your project from start-to-finish. With three service tiers to choose from, you can find exactly what you need.

How Does the CPRM Work in Practice?

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The Benefits of Using PARTNER CPRM

PARTNER identifies where you may be over networked, so you can cut down on unnecessary partnerships and do more.

Quickly identify the key players in the network with the most influence and connectivity to help you reach your goals.

Pinpoint where trust is vital in the network and where it can be improved to guide your relationship-building efforts over time.

Inventory all the resources your partners have available for the network to leverage, such as funding, data, and staff time.

Get an overall sense of how aligned your community partners are regarding your goals, priorities, tactics, and progress.

Attribute new partnerships to your network-building efforts and measure process outcomes to demonstrate progress.

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