Map and Track Your Network of Partners to Advance Your Collective Impact

PARTNER allows you to track and visualize your community partnerships over time, enabling you to demonstrate your shared impact on stakeholders while finding more effective and strategic ways to collaborate. Our team of network science experts is here to help at every step along the way.

The "Network Way of Working" is the New Normal.

Yet very few organizations collect or use data to guide the way they collaborate.

PARTNER CPRM is so much more than a survey. As an all-in-one tracking and learning system, it helps you collect, map, and analyze your data so you can identify gaps and opportunities for more effective collaboration. With numerous report options and the ability to export network maps and visible network profiles, you can easily share your results with partners and the community to make the most of your data.

Powered by network science and social network analysis.

Collaboration has excellent potential – working together increases access to new information, resources, and solutions. However, collaborating requires an investment of time and energy that you could spend elsewhere. How do you know if your network is creating a return from your investment of these critical resources?

Nearly a decade ago, we began developing PARTNER to fill this critical gap for networks. By analyzing the structure, quality, and agreement across a network of community partnerships, we can identify more efficient ways to collaborate and reach shared goals. Request a demo below to get started and see PARTNER CPRM for yourself.

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We take your data privacy very seriously.


“Using the PARTNER CPRM fundamentally transformed our work. It gave us insight into how well we were doing as a network, and informed our strategic approach to development, continuous improvement, and outcomes. It was one of the most important tools we used.”

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Blythe Butler,
Senior Evaluator,
The First 2000 Days Network

How Does the CPRM Work in Practice?


Foundations and Philanthropists

Whether you are funding social impact networks or just trying to manage your network of grantees, we can help.


We work with local, state, and federal government organizations to help them strategically leverage networks.

Nonprofits and Community Networks

PARTNER can help you find a more effective way to collaborate while also helping you demonstrate your impact.

Sample PARTNER CPRM Implementation Timeline

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We take your data privacy very seriously.



PARTNER identifies where you may be over networked, so you can cut down on unnecessary partnerships and do more.

Quickly identify the key players in the network with the most influence and connectivity to help you reach your shared goals.

Pinpoint where trust is vital in the network and where it can be improved to guide your relationship-building efforts over time.

Inventory all the resources your partners have available for the network to leverage, such as funding, data, and staff time.

Get an overall sense of how aligned your community partners are regarding your goals, priorities, tactics, and progress.

Attribute new partnerships to your network-building efforts and measure process outcomes to demonstrate progress.

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