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Get started mapping and understanding the collaborative ecosystem in your community with our free Canva ecosystem map template. It includes a sample community health ecosystem you can use to get started, along with graphics and directions to start from scratch on a map of your own. Get the map below – and reach out to our team to learn more about ecosystem mapping over time with PARTNER.

Ecosystem Map Template

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Our ecosystem map template is designed to help you visualize all the key stakeholders, organizations, and people who influence a crucial outcome, policy, or issue you care about in your community. By looking at the interactions across your ecosystem, you can identify key players and leverage points where a little investment in time and energy can impact key outcomes.

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What can you learn from a community ecosystem map?

An ecosystem map is a powerful tool for understanding the connections between crucial entities, organizations, and people in your community that influence or are affected by an issue you focus on. For example, you could create a map like the Community Health Coalition on the right to explore how the local health department is embedded in the public health ecosystem. This method of analysis is highly visual and is ideal for generating new ideas and spotting opportunities to strengthen or shift the ecosystem toward more efficient and equitable outcomes.

The benefits of interactive ecosystem mapping and tracking over time

An ecosystem map is a great way to start, but it only shows your system at one point in time. Critical insights about an ecosystem come from observing its interactions and connections as they gradually change and evolve. Trying to understand an ecosystem with a static map is like figuring out who won a football game by looking at the score at one point in time. That’s where we help: we use network science and technology to help you map, track, and understand your ecosystem over time.

PARTNER CPRM is a platform for mapping and tracking ecosystems

Built by a team of network scientists and health systems researchers, PARTNER is designed to make it easy to manage and track your network of community partners. Ideal for those taking collaborative systems approaches to address social and environmental issues, it combines social network analysis and systems thinking principles, CRM technology, and a community-centered approach to help drive better ecosystem outcomes in communities.

Social Network Analysis

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Talk to a member of our Sales & Partnerships Team to learn more about data sharing and democratization with PARTNER CPRM. We can share more about the platform’s functionality, show you a demo, and answer your questions in detail. Book a time on our calendar below or click here to message us.

Ecosystem map template FAQs

An ecosystem map is a visual representation of the relationships and connections between various stakeholders, organizations, and individuals in your community, all working towards a common goal or issue. By mapping your ecosystem, you can identify key players, assess the current state of collaboration, and find opportunities to strengthen relationships and drive more effective outcomes.

Absolutely! Our Canva ecosystem map template is designed to be flexible and adaptable to various communities and issues. You can use the provided graphics and directions to create a completely customized map that reflects the unique ecosystem in your community.

No, our Canva ecosystem map template is free to use. You’ll need to sign up for a Canva account if you don’t already have one, but they offer a free plan with access to all the tools you’ll need to create and edit your ecosystem map.

To learn more about PARTNER CPRM and how it can help you map, track, and understand your ecosystem over time, you can set up a discovery call with our Sales & Partnerships Team. They can provide a demo, answer your questions in detail, and guide you through the platform’s functionalities.

Yes, Canva allows for easy collaboration with your team members. You can share the ecosystem map template with them and work together on creating and editing the map in real-time. This helps you to gather diverse perspectives and ensure that your ecosystem map is comprehensive and accurate.

Yes, once you’ve completed your ecosystem map in Canva, you can download it in various file formats such as PDF, JPEG, or PNG. You can then print it out or share it digitally with your community members, stakeholders, or other interested parties.


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