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We’ve worked directly with more than 400 organizations to visualize their network, demonstrate collective impact, and improve their network strategy. More than 4,000 have used our tools, and more than 1,500 have learned from our trainings and webinars. Here’s a selection of case studies that tell the story of our work in terms of real-world impact. We’re adding new case studies every month, so check back again for updates.

The Problem. The Mile High Health Alliance, located in Denver, CO, is an Alliance of twenty health organizations working to achieve better health through collaboration. Members include Denver Public Health,…
The Problem. The Glasser/Schoenbaum Human Services Center is part of a network of nonprofits in Sarasota County, Florida providing counseling and other human services to the community. The area is…
The Problem. Colorado’s Early Childhood Councils play a coordinating role in the early childhood system – they work to integrate and connect various stakeholders and service providers like hospitals, public…

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If you are looking for more examples of our products in use, visit our Research & Publications Page to see all our studies and peer-reviewed articles, available for free. You can also watch our webinars, several which focus on examples of our evaluations and projects.

Click Here to see the CDC Evaluation Report on the 100 Million Hearts Project, conducted using PARTNER.

Are you a client of ours? Interested in being featured in one of our case studies? Reach out to us (hello@visiblenetworklabs.com) to setup a time to chat! Thank you in advance!

We help all our clients using our 5-step PARTNER Process. After facilitating a shift to use a network science perspective, we create a strategy and help adapt it over time by collecting data and feedback.

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