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We’ve worked directly with more than 300 organizations to visualize their network, demonstrate collective impact, and improve their network strategy. More than 4,000 people have used our tools, and more than 1,500 professionals have attended our capacity-building training and webinars. Here is a selection of case studies that tell the story of our work and its real-world impact. 

Accountable Communities of Health & VNL

Our Work with Accountable Communities of Health

Across the United States, Accountable Communities of Health (ACHs) are collaborating and partnering with communities, and the people and organizations within them to deliver on a shared goal – building places that thrive and improve health and well-being for all community members. Learn More Background

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VNL & DPS' Partnership

Helping Denver Public Schools Visualize its Networks

When school administrators within Denver Public Schools’ Central Office identified a need to better understand their evolving internal professional and community relationships, they turned to Visible Network Labs to get clarity. Learn More Executive Summary Denver Public Schools’ (DPS) mission is for all students, regardless

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Our Work With RECETAS

Explore our partnership with RECETAS, a global project. Visible Network Labs’ Data Science team used our PARTNER CPRM tool to analyze organizational networks in six cities around the world – to help RECETAS better understand an innovative way of promoting mental health and well-being. Learn

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Building A Network Strategy

Building A Network Strategy to Improve Community Health

County Health Rankings and Roadmaps used the PARTNER CPRM to build a strategy  that would allow them to leverage their partnerships more effectively and increase their impact. Learn more > Case Study Executive Summary County Health Rankings & Roadmaps needed to understand how a network

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Evaluating a Gates Foundation Community of Practice to Drive Impact

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation used PARTNER to evaluate their Networks for School Improvement Portfolio to demonstrate their impact and strengthen their programs. Learn more > Case Study Executive Summary The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Networks for School Improvement use continuous improvement approaches

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Evaluating The Growth & Impact of Community Partnerships

The Mile High Health Alliance used the PARTNER CPRM to demonstrate the impact of their relationship-building efforts in the Denver area to funders and community stakeholders. Learn more > Case Study Executive Summary The Mile High Health Alliance works to coordinate health and human services

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If you are looking for more examples of our products in use, visit our Research & Publications Page to see all our studies and peer-reviewed articles, available for free. You can also explore a number of research articles and evaluation reports published using PARTNER Platform network data in our PARTNER Report library.

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