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As researchers and scientists at heart, we constantly learn, conduct research, and identify new insights to inform collaborative practices and advance the field and practice. Learn more about our ongoing projects, recent reports and findings, research and evaluation services, and our innovative social network research tool, PARTNERme.

Reports and Insights

We share new findings, discoveries, and insights from our projects, evaluations, and community partnerships.

How Young Adults View Social Connectedness and Access Resources
How the COVID-19 Pandemic Changed the Way We Collaborate
Lessons from Analyzing the Networks for School Improvement CoP

PARTNERme: A Research Tool for Measuring Social Connectedness and Support

PARTNERme leverages social network analysis and network science principles to help map and measure social support networks, identify individual needs, and map where there are gaps in support. Used across the social sector, it provides researchers and evaluators the opportunity to understand an individual’s connections, dependencies, trust, and needs from their perspective. 

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Looking to build your network science and research capacity? Our Data Science Team provides custom research and evaluation consulting services to serve a variety of needs. Using our mixed methods, innovative software, and network science insights, we can help you with project design and management, data collection, network mapping and analysis, custom reporting, and capacity building. Get in touch with us to get started below.

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