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Assess and Understand the Strengths and Gaps in a Person's Social Support System

PARTNERme offers advanced metrics and visualization capabilities to assess social determinants of health, social support networks, and social connectedness. The tool is an invaluable resource for researchers, catalyzing insights into community health, equity, and well-being.

80% of Health Outcomes Are Driven by Social Factors

Yet conventional methodologies often overlook these crucial elements.

PARTNERme elevates the field of health systems research by facilitating the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data related to social determinants of health. Utilizing a customizable questionnaire, respondents can provide insights into their social support network and health-related social needs. Researchers and evaluators then have access to a robust array of metrics to understand the context and efficacy of health interventions.

How Does PARTNERme Stand Apart?

Advanced Social Network Analysis

Unlike basic survey tools, PARTNERme uses social network analysis algorithms to quantify social connectedness, trust, dependency, and other key metrics. By capturing the intricacies of social networks, the tool provides a granular view, offering unparalleled depth for academic scrutiny and evaluation.

"PARTNERme has been invaluable in ascertaining information on community connections. This data will not only fill important gaps in information but also give the community insights into their shared successes in working with hard-to-reach populations. The VNL team is wonderful with outstanding customer service and technology skills."
Dr. Katherine James, PhD, MS, MSPH
University of Colorado-Anschutz Medical Campus

PARTNERme is an Award-Winning Innovation

PARTNERme has gained accolades in various domains, including public health research, mental health evaluation, and social equity projects. Recognized by the Colorado Prime Health Innovation Challenge, Fight Back Fellowship, and Innovator Society.

Visible Network Labs - PARTNERme

Features Tailored for Researchers and Evaluators

PARTNERme was built by researchers, for researchers. Here’s what sets it apart from other survey and network mapping tools.

Customizable Relational Surveys

Create tailored screening questionnaires to focus on specific social determinants like housing, food security, plus formal and informal sources of support.

Advanced Metrics and Analytics

The platform utilizes machine learning algorithms to offer actionable insights through sophisticated social network metrics.

Longitudinal Network Tracking

Capture changes over time, making the tool ideal for longitudinal studies that seek to understand the impact of interventions in the long-run.

Integrated Data Export Functions

Data can be easily exported for further analysis in other statistical software, offering flexibility for complex, multi-method evaluations and research projects.


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PARTNERme Consulting Services

Our team of social connectedness experts provides customized consulting services for implementing PARTNERme, engaging in research, and assessing social needs and support among target populations like veterans, children, and rural communities. Our experts assist with project design and management, developing assessments and measures, collecting and analyzing data, and creating and implementing workflows, processes, and procedures for using PARTNERme with your organization over time.

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PARTNERme Consulting Projects

Youth Social Support Research Fellowship

We worked with the Annie E. Casey Foundation and a team of youth research fellows to better understand how young people think about, build, and leverage their support network.

Mapping Veteran Social Support Networks and Gaps

We worked with Veteran Service Organizations to assess veteran social needs and support to identify and fill gaps with targeted community resource referrals.