Our mission is to make sure no one is without the support they need.
PARTNERme is a person-centered tool designed to help you identify who is at risk of adverse social connectedness, target their most urgent resource gap, and connect them to resources.

Integrating social connectedness into patient and client-based care.

When a person’s social and economic needs are met, they are more likely to have better health, mental health, and wellness outcomes. We help make that possible.

PARTNERme is a mobile, person-centered, social needs screening & referral tool. It uses network science and a data-driven approach to make social support and resource networks visible, enabling whole-person care for improved health, metal health, and wellness outcomes.


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Bringing efficiency and standardization
to the provider workflow

Patient & Family Centered Design

PARTNERme was designed to honor what we have learned from thousands of hours of research, interviews, data analysis - that people know best what they need.

Provider Centered Approach

As the consumers of PARTNERme data & visualizations, providers and helping professionals have been an indispensable part of product design process.


Timeliness is improved because PARTNERme can be done at home, ensuring that the results are ready for the provider when the patient arrives.

Value Based Care Models

PARTNERme is based on the philosophy that if a person's personal support system is strengthened, they will follow through on accessing social services they need and getting the medical help to stay healthy.

Health Equity At the Core

We are building the evidence-base through our data science to address larger sys-temic inequities that affect whole populations. PARTNERme is committed to devel-oping greater health equity for all

Improve Care Coordination

Born out of the recognized need for better care coordination, as traditional approaches of screening for needs and referring to all those needs was not working, we committed to improving systems through an adaptive approach.

Targeted. Interactive. Easy to use.
PARTNERme makes it easy for providers to improve their workflow.

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Learn about our ongoing pilot projects & partners

Assessing Personal Support Networks
With funding from the Community First Foundation, VNL is working with staff and providers from two integrated pediatric care clinics in the Denver Metro area. Peak Pediatrics and Every Child Pediatrics are known for their use of innovation in providing care for families, and open to new technologies and approaches for provided whole person care. In partnership with these clinics, VNL has integrated the PCN App into their workflow to assess how adverse social connectedness can be addressed in a primary care setting.
Connecting People to Resources
With funding from the CDC, the Rocky Mountain Prevention Resource Center aims to reduce the intergenerational transmission of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in the San Luis Valley of Colorado by linking systems and better leveraging existing health resources and partnerships. With this data and analysis, the community will be better able to create a coordinated system of care for families, address adverse social connectedness in the context of ACEs, and connect families to the resources they need.
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