Screen social connectedness and needs to identify gaps and link people to helpful resources

PARTNERme is a person-centered social connectedness screening and referral tool. Using social network analysis, it takes a person-centered perspective to map an individual’s social support network. It then identifies their most pressing need with the least amount of support and links them to helpful resources in the community to improve their health and quality of life.

80% of Health Outcomes Are Driven by Social and Economic Needs

Yet Most Providers Still Aren't Collecting Data On These Needs

PARTNERme quantifies social needs using a strength-based screening that visualizes an individual’s existing social support network. It provides actionable data with a built-in referral system that connects patients to community resources to meet their needs, improving care and strengthening the provider-patient relationship.

How is PARTNERme's
Approach Unique?

It uses social network analysis to map support networks and identify gaps.

PARTNERme uses social network to create a map of an individual’s social supports, like family, friends, and nonprofits. It shows how their network works together to support their well-being. Coupled with metrics like trust, dependency, and loneliness, PARTNERme provides an unparalleled level of social connectedness insight to inform and improve interventions.

"When patients take the PARTNERme assessment, it allows me to connect with you more, as the whole you. I can better assess and understand your needs, and what matters. Then, I am able to help come up with the best care with you."
Samantha, PA-C
Westminster Medical Clinic
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PARTNERme is an Award-Winning Innovation for Strengthening Health Equity

PARTNERme is the first and only tool specifically built to measure and strength social connectedness, and it’s making waves in a number of industries. We took first place for developing PARTNERme in competitions, including the Colorado Prime Health Innovation Challenge, Fight Back Fellowship, and Innovator Society. Watch our full pitch from the Prime Health Challenge below.

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Who Uses PARTNERme?

Primary Care Clinics

Use PARTNERme during regular patient visits or through telehealth services to understand the patient perspective and get them support.

Integrated Pediatric Care

Weave PARTNERme into your integrated pediatric operations to gather actionable social support and needs data for children and families.

Mental Health Centers

Visualize your client’s support network and connect them to community resources to help with unmet social needs that impact mental health.

Meet some of our PARTNERme community partners…

How Does PARTNERme Address
Social Needs?

1. Use the Patient Screening Tool

Gain insight into your patient's social needs, like food and housing, along with existing social supports like family and neighbors.

100% Customizable Screening

The screening is extremely flexible. Combine multiple screenings into a single questionnaire, and use it in the office waiting room or at the patient's home using a secure email link.

2. Analyze the Support Network

Using social network analysis, the tool seamlessly analyzes the individual's responses to create social connectedness and social needs metrics.

Social Network Analysis Insights

The tool uses algorithims to measure trust, dependency, and other network metrics, while identifying an individuals most pressing need with the least social support.

3. Review the Personal Profile

Get a paper or online report that identifies an individual's top needs, along with the ways they are already working to support themselves and their family.

Guide Your Patient Conversations

The Patient Profile can be integrated into their electronic health record to track change over time, and is a good guide for conversations with the patient about their social needs.

4. Provide a Patient Referral

Upload your referral partners into PARTNERme to provide targeted referrals to your patients based on their identified needs.

Integrated Referral Functionality

Print out referral information at the clinic to share, or follow up with contact information by email. Check in over time to track follow-through and close the referral loop.

PARTNERme Helps You Provide Person-Centered
Care for Your Community

Help address the underlying structural issues that impact health disparities like housing, legal aid, and food security.

Take a strengths-based approach that acknowledges how a patient is supporting their health to build personal resiliency. 

Provide custom targeted referrals to community resources to address unmet pressing needs that impact health.

Gain visibility into an individual’s existing network of support to leverage and integrate into your formal care plan.

Give providers data and insights to guide their conversations and interventions, and to develop trust with those they serve.

Identify those at risk of adverse social connectedness so you can intervene and improve the quality of their support.

PARTNERme Success Stories From the Field

PARTNERme was developed through in-depth testing in the field with our partners in a variety of settings. Here are three projects that used PARTNERme to screen for social needs and support, with three different audiences and goals.

Pediatric Integrated Care Clinics

Using PARTNERme to assist families with special needs children.

Jefferson Center for Mental Health

Supporting mental health patients with social needs using PARTNERme.

Rocky Mountain Prevention Research Center

Identifying Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).

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