Best Practices & Advice for Tracking Your Network Strategy

A data-driven network strategy consists of your goals for collaboration as a network for the future. In our previous Network Leadership webinar, Designing Your Network Strategy, we share some of the main considerations key to creating such a strategy. Once you have a strategy, you need to measure your network and collaboration to track your progress and course correct when necessary.

The PARTNER CPRM is our solution for measuring and tracking collaboration over time in a network. In this webinar we introduce our Network Strategy survey template, designed for use with the accompanying Network Strategy Worksheet. It allows you to draw specific insights that relate back to your network strategy, allowing you to create specific action steps to close the gap between your collaboration today and your network goals for the future.

Measure Network Structure, Agreement, Attribution and Quality.

No single metric can tell you everything you need to know when it comes to your network strategy. We provide four different types of metrics for analysis. Structure metrics measure the way your partners connect and collaborate. Agreement metrics explore opinions and the degree of alignment among members on various issues and goals. Attribution metrics draw connections between relationships and the individuals, programs or organizations that helped them form. Finally, quality metrics provide a depth of understanding around each connection in terms of trust, power, mission alignment, communication and more.

Curious about learning more about Tracking Your Network Strategy? Visit our Learning Lab for webinars, events and our online course launching this fall. Thanks to CU Denver Center on Network Science for their support with these network leadership programs.

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