Ecosystem Mapping and Tracking Can Teach You a LOT.

An ecosystem consists of all the organizations, individuals, programs, and other entities that interact and interconnect to affect the outcomes of your work. For example, the healthcare ecosystem includes organizations like hospitals, clinics, public health departments and non-profits, as well as individuals like doctors, patients, and those in their support networks. Ecosystem mapping and tracking is a technique for visualizing these interconnections over time to identify new ways to manage and improve the ecosystem.

How Does Ecosystem Mapping and Tracking Work in Practice?

We operationalize ecosystem mapping and tracking using our lens as network scientists. This allows us to apply social network analysis methods to measure the structure of connections (who is connected to who), quality (how much do they trust and value each connection), agreement (how much do entities share similar views) and attribution (what connections can be attributed to your ecosystem management and development work). These four areas of inquiry provide significant insight on how ecosystems can be leverage more effectively to advance social impact.

Learn More About Ecosystem Mapping and Tracking!

Want to learn more about ecosystem mapping and tracking, along with our network analysis methods? Visit our Learning Lab for webinars, events and our online course launching this spring. We also want to thank the CU Denver Center on Network Science for their support and co-sponsorship of these network leadership programs. We could not do it without them!

About the Presenter: Dr. Danielle Varda

Danielle is a scientist turned start-up founder, leading Visible Network Labs as CEO. Her combination of 20 years as a network scientist studying social connectedness and health, published author, 12 years as a tenured professor at the University of CO Denver, and her successful launch and scaling of the Center on Network Science came together in one big idea to start VNL. She is an entrepreneur, technologist, network scientist, fundraiser, and mother to three spirited girls. Her calling came when she realized her unique ability to develop technology solutions bridge complex systems science with everyday applications in communities, organizations, and business. She is a nationally known expert and keynote speaker on applied network science, with specific expertise in health system, public health system, entrepreneurial ecosystems, and educational system approaches. Danielle has published over 30 peer-reviewed articles on networks and their impact on health, well-being, and economic outcomes. Danielle leads VNL’s strategic partnership approach, is the company’s lead fundraiser, and has a vision for how to utilize network science to solve our most pressing and intractable problems. 

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