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Supporting those working to spark change in healthcare,
education, philanthropy, public and nonprofit organizations.
We use network science to help our clients solve complex systems and social problems.

We work with a wide variety of sectors and industries to measure, map, track, and strengthen the networks that impact their work. Here are some of the principal areas we focus on – though our work is much more diverse than just what you see here. Connect with us to get a complete picture of our past partnerships and projects.

Who Uses PARTNERme?

Primary Care

Clinics and hospitals use PARTNERme to screen patients for social connectedness and other determinants of health to improve care.

Pediatric Care

Schools and educators use PARTNERme to better understand and strengthen social support for their students.

Mental Health

Mental and Behavioral Health Centers use PARTNERme to provide holistic care and support for their clients.

Who Uses the PARTNER CPRM?


Foundations manage and track their network of grantees and partners in the community using the PARTNER CPRM.

Public Agencies

Public Health Departments and other government organizations use the CPRM to collaborate more strategically.

Community Networks

Community coalitions and alliances use PARTNER to improve their collaboration while demonstrating their collective impact.

Meet our Community of Clients

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