PARTNER Grab-&-Go Pricing

Grab-&-Go packages allow you get instant access to all the PARTNER tools you need to evaluate your network and manage a network of community partners. You will need a survey to collect your data and an Analyzer subscription to visualize it. We recommend purchasing a Report to help share your results with others. You can purchase additional technical assistance time with our team as well.

Not sure which option is best for your needs? Contact our Team and we can help you figure out the best package for you. We look forward to connecting!

Need More Support?

For an additional cost, our team can work with you to design a strategy and surveys, collect data, analyze your maps and create reports to share.

PARTNER Network Survey

$2000 per survey

PARTNER surveys provide a completely personalized survey to meet your exact needs, and help you collect information from your network to create network maps later on. With new advanced features, our network surveys provide more insight than ever before. Your first survey credit comes with 2 free months of Network Analyzer Access.

Network Analyzer Access

$200/month billed monthly

The Network Analyzer is where you’ll map and analyze data collected using a PARTNER Survey. Create stunning network visualizations, view your raw data scores, design charts, tables & graphs, and share your graphics in a variety of formats. 


$2,450 per Report

Full Reports include all the data and findings from your network survey, with charts, graphs and maps to visualize your results. This report is ideal for internal stakeholders.


$900 per Report

Highlight Reports include a high-level overview of the findings from your network survey, such as the key insights & takeaways. This report is ideal for external stakeholders.


$4,200 per Report

A Comparison Report is ideal for networks that collect data at multiple points of time. It shows how the network has changed, comparing their answers and how they differ.


$765 per Presentation

PARTNER Powerpoint Presentations share your findings in a visual format with professional network maps, graphs and charts visualizing data from your network survey.

PARTNERme, A Person Centered Network Tool

Contact Us for a Quote and More Information

PARTNERme is a Person-Centered Network Tool for collecting network data at the individual level. This data can be viewed alone or integrated with systems-level network data within the PARTNERcprm. Case uses include:

  • Evaluating social connectedness in a clinical care setting
  • Measuring support networks among entrepreneurs
  • Understanding the social capital of veterans suffering from depression
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