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Software Pricing

Learn about software subscription options for the PARTNER Platform, including both PARTNERme and PARTNER CPRM.

Service Pricing

Explore the options for working with our team of expert network scientists on a complete PARTNER project.

Report Pricing

Purchase additional reports prepared by our team for your PARTNER CPRM or PARTNERme implementation.

Our PARTNER Platform Suite of Software

PARTNER (The Program to Analyze, Record, and Track Networks to Enhance Relationships) includes PARTNERme, our social care platform, and PARTNER CPRM, our community partner relationship management platform. Click below to learn more about our pricing packages for both.

PARTNERme is a person-centered social care platform. It allows you to assess an individual’s social health status, including their social connectedness, SDOH, and mental and behavioral health needs, and create personalized Social Care Plans to act and address their needs.

Our community partner relationship management software uses social network analysis to map, track, and record your network of community partnerships. You can use its insights to demonstrate your impact and build a better collaborative strategy for the future.

Work with our Team of Experts

Looking for support and guidance while implementing PARTNER in your organization? Our team of network science experts can work with you to provide the exact kind of data you need. Learn more about our service options below.

Tier 1 Service


Our team will help you set up your project and design and implement a simple PARTNER project. Ideal for evaluation and research.

Tier 2 Service


Our team will work with you on more complex projects with advanced analytics or visualizations. Good for tracking over time.

Tier 3 Service


Our team will work to create new features or technology and conduct original, innovative research. Best for research and development.


Get even more value from PARTNER with our expertly prepared reports. They can be added to any PARTNER CPRM or PARTNERme purchase, both one-time projects and annual subscriptions. Contact our team to learn more.

Highlight Report -

A 2-3 page report ideal for sharing your story with external stakeholders.

Full Report -

A 15+ page report ideal for quality improvement with internal stakeholders.

Comparison Report - $4,200

A 15+ page comparison two networks or one network at two points in time.

Sub-Analysis Brief -

An in-depth analysis of a specific subgroup within the full network.

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