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Use PARTNERme for patient screening over time, or for point-in-time research projects and evaluations. All packages come with varying levels of VNL expert services to support your implementation and use of PARTNERme. Contact our team to get started or learn more.

Annual License
Standard Service Package

Organizations with low volume needs (e.g. less than 30 screenings a month) and limited user needs (e.g. up to 3 staff). Great for small nonprofits or social service providers who are looking for more of an out-of-the-box solution.

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Annual License
Enterprise Service Package

Most PARTNERme users will develop a custom plan based on the number of anticipated screenings per month and the number of staff. The VNL team will work closely to design your screening needs, integrations, onboarding, and implementation.

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Use the Community Partner Relationship Manager for one-time organizational mapping projects or as a management and tracking tool over time. Explore our packages below with varying levels of support from our team of experts, and contact our sales team to get started.


This package starts at $24,000 and is our basic, out-of-the-box software solution for tracking networks over time. This is a bundled package that offers a user license for one year of the CPRM (excluding add-on’s), with support from one of VNL’s Network Scientists as a guide to adapt and implement the default PARTNER survey and methodology. The engagement includes setup, one report, and a year subscription, for one master account using the PARTNER method. Engagement with the VNL team typically lasts 16-24 weeks. This package does not include customized project design.

$24,000 Startup Fee
$5,000 Annually


This package starts at $48,000, and includes everything in a Standard bundle, with the addition of customized services to assist in design, implementation, and reporting for your unique use case. Two VNL team members guide you through a design process to understand your unique customization needs and will walk you through a pilot and your first implementation of the entire CPRM process. The survey can be customized or expanded, and the VNL team will carry that customization into a final report that you can use as a template over time. Engagement with the VNL team typically lasts 20-30+ weeks.

$48,000 Startup Fee
$5,000 Annually


Many PARTNER CPRM customers see the potential of the platform for a variety of use cases, and to develop “Networks of Networks” designs. A highly customized experience is available, which can include an advanced design process, high touch consulting, customized feature development, network leadership training, and advanced analysis and reporting. To determine if an ENTERPRISE level solution is right for you, please contact us to develop a scope of work.

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PARTNER Add-On's and Reports

Get even more value from PARTNER with our premium features and reports. They can be added to any PARTNER package listed above, both one-time projects and annual subscriptions. New features are released each quarter. Contact our team to learn more.


Highlight Report -

A 2-3 page report ideal for sharing your story with external stakeholders.

Full Report -

A 15+ page report ideal for quality improvement with internal stakeholders.

Comparison Report - $4,200

A 15+ page comparison two networks or one network at two points in time.

Presentation Report - $765

A Highlight Report laid out as a powerpoint for presentation use.


Create your own custom member profiles with the network maps and data you care about most to get even more value from this feature.

-Available Now-

$2,500 Annually
Comparative Tracking

Track how your network is changing over time in the network analyzer, or compare two different network maps at a single point in time.

-Coming Soon-

$3,000 Annually

Create a custom Report Template to automatically generate and share personalized reports with your stakeholders and partners.

-Coming Soon-

$2,000 Annually

Allow your partners and stakeholders to access your PARTNER surveys, network visualizations, and reports with collaborator licenses.

-Coming Soon-

$100 Per User

Why Work With Our Team?

Our team is uniquely suited to collect, analyze, and interpret complex network data to make sense of your collaboration. Whether you need onboarding support, or guidance with your project planning and implementation, we can help. We are known for:

  • Experience & Education: 3 Doctorates, 5 Graduate Degrees, and 50+ years of experience in the field.
  • Wide-ranging expertise in network science, data science, design thinking, research, and evaluation.
  • A commitment to learn with you, treating your team as an expert in your domain.
  • Experience working with more than 200 organizations from all over the United States and internationally on four continents. 

Leverage our Team's Expertise in Numerous Ways...

Create a Network Strategy with our PARTNER Method!


Shift Your Mindset

The first step in the PARTNER Method is a mindset shift to start using a network science perspective. This key re-framing allows you to design a network strategy using a foundation of network science terminology and principles.


Design Your Strategy

The second step in the PARTNER Method is a process of network strategy design. This involves creating a model of your ‘ideal network,’ and making intentional decisions about the how you will build, manage and evaluate your network in a way that best meets your objectives.


Track Your Network

The third step in the PARTNER Method involves tracking your network strategy over time using a community partner relationship manager. Collecting data on how your network is structured, along with its quality and impact, helps you evaluate your progress and shift your strategy when needed.


Adapt Your Strategy

The fourth step in the PARTNER Method is adapting your network strategy using the insights you discover from tracking your network. This is the key step in which your data is used to improve your plan for building and managing your network.


Enact Your New Strategy

The final step in the PARTNER Method involves enacting your adapted network strategy with your partners on the ground. This involves the day-to-day changes you’ll make to build your ideal strategy.

Meet a Few of our Partners & Clients...

“I would recommend PARTNER to other projects considering using this platform. It’s able to measure relationships in a meaningful way. We’ve used our PARTNER results on grant applications that want to give money to organizations that are highly skilled at collaborating and with PARTNER, we are able to show that we are!”

Karen Trautman

Mile High Health Alliance

“The visual network diagrams are powerful! Once the shapes, colors and lines are explained to our partners, funders and donors, you could literally see their faces brighten with interest and intrigue. Subsequent productive questions abound! The tool I used the most is the spreadsheet that displays our connectivity, trust, & value scores together. Such a powerful tool!”

Dr. Kameron Hodgens

The Glasser/Schoenbaum Human Services Center

“Using PARTNER fundamentally transformed our work. It gave us insight not only into how well we were doing as a network, but also formed our strategic approach to development, continuous improvement and outcomes. It showed us how our network positively impacted our community’s ability to support Early Childhood Development outcomes.”

Blythe Butler

First 2000 Days Network
Evaluation & Consulting Services
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