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Accountable Communities of Health & VNL

Our Work with Accountable Communities of Health

Across the United States, Accountable Health Communities (ACHs) are collaborating and partnering with communities, and the people and organizations within them to deliver on a shared goal – building places that thrive and improve health and wellbeing for all community members. Learn More Background Visible

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Layering Network Data

Layering Network Data to Create Actionable Insights

Social network analysis is a powerful way to visualize collaboration between partners, demonstrate your collective impact, and create actionable insights to improve the way you work together in the future. While a good deal of attention goes into designing and sharing your survey, the real

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Let’s Practice Network Thinking

Using a network science lens can create powerful, actionable insights for building and leveraging networks effectively. For example, network analysis considers how network members view each other and how those perceptions lead to varying outcomes. This is one of the insights of a network way

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Network Survey Timing: Brief

A Network Science Brief from Visible Network Labs Our clients often ask us, ‘how often should we be surveying our network and conducting follow-up evaluations?’ While we wish there was a simple answer to this question, in reality, it depends on your unique context and

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