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Network Leadership Training Academy

The NLTA is our annual flagship training program for network leaders, funders, and evaluators. The Academy is returning in September and October 2021 as an online action-oriented learning program. The program will include four 3-hour sessions including presentations, hands-on activities, opportunities for peer-learning, and a chance to apply what you’re learning to your network. Sign up for updates below!

What Will You Learn at the NLTA in 2021?

Building Networks

Bringing together new partners to form a network is no easy task. We cover topics like network membership, diversity, equity & inclusion, design thinking and more to help you build more effective collaboratives.

Managing Networks

Managing the day-to-day affairs of a network includes a suite of leadership skills and knowledge, including facilitation, governance structures, conflict resolution, relationship management, and strategic planning.

Evaluating Networks

The best networks evaluate their performance, both quantitatively and qualitatively, to improve over time. We cover common evaluation tactics, along with ways to use your findings to improve and share your story.

NLTA Alumni Testimonials

  • “I found the Network Leadership Training Academy to be a more valuable experience than I ever anticipated… I left with a completely different perspective on how our program could be operating and how our organizational structure could improve to better support our “network” design. “

    Kendra Bigsby

    Assistant Director, CO School of Public Health at CSU
  • “The NLTA was a worthwhile experience that broadened my horizons, created access to experts in the field, and gave me a platform to share my experiences with participants. I think the NLTA is a valuable community of practice about network leadership.”

    Dustin Stiver

    Program Officer, The Sprout Fund
  • The Network Leadership Training Academy was my greatest experience for professional growth and new learning this year. It was exhilarating to discover other network leaders who were dealing with the same issues we wrestle with. We found many resources and sessions highly applicable to our work

    Dave Hackett

    Region Director, visionSynergy

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Meet our 2020 NLTA Speakers!

Dr. Jennifer Husbands
Senior Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Darrin Hicks
Dr. Darrin Hicks
Professor of Communications
University of Denver
Abby R. Charles, MPH
Program Officer,
Institute for
Public Health
Curtis Ogden
Senior Associate,
Interaction Inst.
Social Change
Kap Wilkes
Director of Program Development,
National Rural Health Resource Center
Lisa VanRaemdonck
Lisa VanRaemdonck
Executive Director,
CU Denver School of Public Affairs Institute
Developmental Evaluator,
First 2000 Days Network
Associate Director of External Innovation Programs, Inworks CU Denver // Anschutz
Bruce Goldstein
Associate Professor, University of
Colorado at
Peter Eckart
Director of Health and Information Technology,
Illinois Public Health Institue
Santiago Bunce
VP of Evaluation & Learning,
Developmental Evaluator,
Curious Compass
Dylan McDonald
Management & Policy Analyst, National Park Service
Jonathan Mischke
Jonathan Mischke
VP of Communications and Marketing,
Visible Network Labs
Bilal Taylor
Senior Program & Policy Analyst,
National Office of Policy & Prevention
Nemours Children’s Health System
Dr. Robyn Mobbs
Co-Director, CU Denver
Center on Network Science
Danielle Varda
Dr. Danielle Varda
CEO at VNL & Co-Director, Center on Network Science, CU Denver
Shannon Studden
Program Specialist, National Rural Health Resource Center
Ericka Stallings
Co-Executive Director, Leadership Learning Community
Jordi Díaz Gibson, PhD
Professor and Researcher, Ramon Llull University, Coordinator of the NetEduProject

Our 2020 NLTA Schedule and Topics:

Session 1: "Thinking Like a Network Scientist"
- June 17, 2020

Session 2: "Building a Network: Where Do I Start?"
-July 15, 2020

Session 3: "Managing a Network: Distributive Leadership, Equity, and Representation"
-August 19, 2020

Session 4: "Managing a Network: Leading with Authenticity; Tackling Challenges "
-September 16, 2020

Session 5: "Tracking if it's Working; Telling the Story of Your Network"
-October 21, 2020

Session 6: "The Future of Your Network: Translating Data to Action"
-November 18, 2020