Explore the Future of Connection at the 2022 Network Innovation Summit!

Denver, Colorado | October 17-18, 2022 | Hybrid Event

Networks are all around us: in the technology we build, in the coalitions that we partner with, and in the systems that influence health, education, and quality of life. At the 2022 Network Innovation Summit in Denver, we are gathering some of the world’s top network thinkers and innovators to explore new tools and ways of thinking to use the power of networks for good!

Network science and COVID-19

How can networks help solve society's biggest wicked problems?

Networks are a powerful tool for  creating systemic solutions to solve wicked problems in society. From climate change and homelessness to public and mental health, taking a network approach reveals solutions that would never be possible with top-down, hierarchical ways of organizing and connecting. The Network Innovation Summit is a two-day conference designed to explore the ways networks are tackling tough problems and share practical ideas and advice you can apply back home. Sign up for updates to learn about our speakers, session topics, and more!