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The Future of Networks is Here

May 18, 2020 – Denver, CO


VNL is pleased to partner with UC Denver’s Center on Network Science to co-host the Network Innovation Summit.

Networks are the answer

The Future of Networks is Promising, and Uncertain...
Networks are increasingly cited as the solution to solving big wicked problems. Just bring people and organizations together and we can do better together than alone...right? The Network Innovation Summit is the place to explore these big questions about networks. Hear from innovators, thought leaders, scientists, and practitioners on where networks are today, what is possible for their future, and what we need to do now to get things right in the future for networks.


The Network Innovation Summit (NIS) is a full-day event focused on addressing big questions on the Future of Networks. We expect an audience made up of big thinkers, network enthusiasts, and innovative practitioners who will spend the day implementing a design sprint to consider big questions, define the problem space, and iterate on solutions. At NIS, we are centering questions of value, ethics, big data, accountability, and innovation as a means to foster learning, generate inspiration, and evoke wonder. Our goal is to provoke authentic conversations that push the limits of what it means to have an increasingly connected society.

What is the Future of Networks?

If you are reading this, you probably love networks as much as we do. And…you might be wondering if networks are THE answer.  In an increasingly connected society, we need to make space to ask questions and have critical conversations about the implications, ethics, and consequences. The NIS will frame the day around these big questions.

What can you expect from the day?

Framing: Big Thinkers (Morning)

Framing the Future of Networks in an Increasingly Connected World

Problem Space (Mid-Day)

Defining the problems related to the big questions. Tracks in Health, Education, Philanthropy, and other topics will bring the big ideas into focus in practice.

Solution Centers (Afternoon)

Go deep on imagining solutions with a team. Pitch your idea to win your track for the day! 

What You Can Expect at This One Day Event...

Innovators, Scientists, and Futurists

We are inviting 4 of the most innovative thinkers in the future of networks.

Ted-Like Talks on Big Network Questions

Don't miss these short Ted-Like Talks to get your network geek on and your juices flowing.
Bios Coming Soon

Solve Big Problems in Networks

Spend the afternoon digging in deep to the biggest challenges in networks today.

Ideate on Solutions to Big Problems

Spend the afternoon in breakout sessions where you can dig deep with peers and experts in problem definition and solutions.
Breakout Topics Coming Soon

Compete in a Pop-Up Hack-a-Thon!

Bring it all together in this competition, end of day Hack-A-Thon. Put your ideas into action!

Big Ideas, An Agile Team, & Real Solutions

One group will win, after presenting their best solution to the presented problem.
Problem Announced Soon

Don’t miss this one-day gathering of the latest innovation, mindset shifts, and collective energy around the future of networksThese groups are a major part of the way we work today, yet there is a sense of inertia that is keeping us from realizing the full potential of how to leverage networks to tackle some of our most wicked social problems. This line up of Futurists, Big Data Scientists, and Network Leaders will touch on all of the topics that we are still scratching our heads about in the future of networks in community. Come ready to be inspired, engage with peers, and even show off your own network innovations.

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