Translating Network Data Into Actionable Insights

An organizational network analysis provides valuable information to drive your collaborative strategy and better manage your community partnerships. However the key impact comes from translating network data into actionable insights that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your partnerships and collaboration. In this network leadership webinar, Dr. Varda uses several project examples from our experience to share how we approach this crucially important step in the PARTNER Methodology.

Adapting Your Strategy & Enacting New Collaborative Practices

Once we have a list of insights and lessons learned from our network analysis, we get to adapt our strategy and begin enacting changes in the way we build and lead our networks. Whether we focus on building new partnerships, strengthening existing connections, thinking about our process or engaging a facilitator, these insights can drive better collaboration to improve the outcomes we all seek to influence.

Want to learn more about tracking your network strategy? Visit our Learning Lab for webinars, events and our online course launching this fall. Thanks to CU Denver Center on Network Science for their support with these network leadership programs.

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