From collecting and managing relational data to mapping, analysis, and reporting, PARTNER CPRM™ has everything you need for community partner relationship management and organizational network analysis.


Add your community partners and stakeholders to PARTNER as members of your ecosystem to manage their information and track your relationships over time.

  • Add unlimited custom attributes and fields to record events, contact info, and other data.
  • Sort, filter, export, and visualize your member data at any time.
  • Attach notes and tags to member records to keep updated on your interactions.

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Access our library of PARTNER community partner relationship questions and survey templates and create and save your own questions for data collection.

  • Choose from a variety of question types, like multiple choice, matrix, and relational.
  • Re-use the same questions for data collection over time to ensure data validity.
  • Organize questions into groups to use as survey templates or building blocks.

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Build and share online surveys to capture relational data, which helps generate network maps visualizing the structure and quality of your community partner relationships. 

  • Quickly create surveys using our drag-and-drop builder interface.
  • Use Survey Logic to hide or show certain questions based on attributes or responses.
  • Add custom consent and instruction language (ideal for research purposes)

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Create and save unlimited custom email templates to send out relational surveys, welcome new members, and share access to your profiles, dashboards, and reports.

  • Get started fast with our three basic templates: introductions, invitations, and reminders. 
  • Duplicate your previously used email templates to save time and work quickly.
  • Use merge tags to customize email and add personalized survey or profile links.

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Send your emails manually or use our built-in scheduling system to automate the process and increase your survey response rates and community engagement with your profiles & reports.

  • Schedule your emails in seconds by choosing a template, date, time, and respondent list.
  • Customize your email signature, reply-to address, and other email essentials.
  • Trigger survey reminder emails based on completion rates and status.

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Bring together relational data from your surveys in the Network Analyzer to explore your ecosystem using social network analysis metrics, methods, and techniques.

  • Access a variety of insightful network science metrics like centrality and density.
  • Identify key players and influencers to engage in your efforts.
  • Locate resources, information, and opportunities to leverage across your network.

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Map the relationships across your community and generate beautiful network maps and visualizations to share as static images or interactive socio-grams. 

  • Layer member attributes with network connections to identify patterns and outliers.
  • Save network maps as PNG images to paste into reports or websites.
  • Add interactive visualizations to your PARTNER dashboards and member profiles.

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View your ecosystem of relationships on a geospatial ArcGIS map and add geographic base layers to generate and leverage unique place-based insights.

  • Create and style network maps that pin nodes based on member geographic attributes.
  • Style maps with custom colors, labels, and sizing to match your branding
  • Add base layers with demographic data, community outcomes, and district boundaries.

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We developed our trust and value scores specifically in the context of inter-organizational collaboration to see how your network is building trust and creating shared value.

  • Explore six sub-indicators like reliability, power and influence, and mission alignment.
  • Identify where trust is strong and where it can be strengthened in the community.
  • Start leveraging all of the diverse forms of value created by your partners.

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Visualize and analyze member attributes, survey responses, open-ended data, and other non-relational data using pie and bar charts in the Network Analyzer.

  • Choose from a variety of different chart options to meet your specific needs.
  • Style charts with custom colors, labels, and layout to match your brand appearance.
  • Save charts as static images or add them to interactive dashboards and reports.

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Access all your member attributes, relational data, and survey responses related to an individual member of your ecosystem as an interactive and customizable member profile.

  • Customize your layout and add the specific data and visualizations you want to see.
  • Share profiles with respondents to incentivize engagement and build their capacity.
  • Create internal-facing and external-facing profiles to ensure data privacy.

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Organize and publish your network maps and findings with customized data dashboards, which you can share as static PDF reports or interactive, online dashboards.

  • Create unlimited dashboards drawing from one capture or from across your ecosystem.
  • Add saved visualizations, tables, and charts you create within the Network Analyzer.
  • Download them as a PDF to print or email or share a link to access online.

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Get the most out of your PARTNER CPRM ecosystem with our onboarding support. Choose our accessible Self-Guided option or work with our team as part of an Enterprise Package.

  • Access our Knowledge Base, Online Course, and Quarterly Capacity-building Workshops.
  • Meet with our team during Onboarding Sessions and get technical assistance.
  • For Enterprise customers, get step-by-step guidance on CPRM setup and implementation.

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