Question Library

Create and Manage Questions for Capturing Data

Streamline and Simplify Data Collection with our Survey Question Library

Create, edit, and manage the questions you use to capture data in your PARTNER ecosystem question library. Access our default survey questions or create your own single-choice, multiple-choice, matrix, and open-ended questions to use in relational surveys.

Question Library Features

Each feature is designed to help you seamlessly capture relational data that can generate actionable insights.

PARTNER Default Questions

Get started quickly by adding our PARTNER default questions in your library.

Create Question Groups

Organize questions into groups to use as survey templates or building blocks.

Topical Survey Templates

Use questions from more than a dozen topical survey templates.

Capture the Right Data with the Right Questions

Our Question Library comes pre-loaded with our 19 default survey questions, created and validated through multiple studies working with our partners in the field. Organize your questions to re-capture the same data at multiple time points or across sub-networks and improve the validity and reliability of your insights and findings.

Question Library Benefits:

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