Survey Builder

Capture Relational Data for Network Mapping and Analysis

Powerful Data Collection Tools That Are Easy to Use

PARTNER CPRM is built on a foundation of reliable data with high validity. That’s why we included features for capturing high-quality relational data using our Survey Builder tool. Created using industry best practices, you can count on the data you collect with it.

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Survey Builder Features

Each feature is designed to help you seamlessly capture high-quality relational data from your community partners.

Draws From Question Library

Add questions from your library to quickly build multiple new surveys.

Advanced Survey Logic

Use Survey Logic to show or hide questions based on attributes or responses.

Share Respondent Profiles

Customize a profile to share automatically with respondents after submission.

Create the Perfect Survey to Collect Relational Data

The survey builder draws from your question library and lets you add and re-order questions, headers, and text to create the exact survey that fits your needs. Show the right questions to the right respondents using built-in Skip and Display Logic settings. When you are ready, send surveys to partners using email links or print them out to fill out by hand. 

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