Relationship Mapping

Uncover the Dynamics of Your Community Ecosystem

Visualize and Understand Your Network Like Never Before

Discover the power of Advanced Relationship Mapping with PARTNER CPRM. Our tool lets you see the invisible – mapping the intricate web of relationships that drive your community’s success. Understand key players, track changes over time, and strategize effectively to enhance community engagement and impact.

Network Visualization

See a detailed visual map of your community network.


Map and analyze relationship updates as your network evolves.


Gain actionable insights based on comprehensive network data.

Each feature is designed to provide deep insights and practical tools to manage your community relationships strategically.

Deep Dive into Network Dynamics

With PARTNER CPRM’s Advanced Relationship Mapping, you’re not just mapping connections—you’re enabling a deeper understanding of the relationships that matter. Track the quality of these connections, identify potential areas for improvement, and leverage data to foster meaningful collaborations.

Why Advanced
Relationship Mapping?

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