Charts & Tables

Visualize Ecosystem Data with Custom Styling

Quickly Visualize and Analyze Your Data with Charts & Tables

PARTNER allows you to visualize and explore non-relational data, including member attributes and survey responses, with a variety of charts and tables. Choose their colors, layout, labeling, and more to get the exact appearance you want to fit your needs.

Charts & Tables - PARTNER CPRM

Identify Patterns with Crosstabs

Quickly compare attributes or survey responses to identify patterns in your data.

Quickly Create Pie & Bar Charts

Create charts with member attribute data or survey responses in seconds.

Save and Add to Dashboards

Save charts and tables as visualizations and add them to profiles and dashboards.

Each feature is designed to provide deep insights and practical tools to analyze your community ecosystem.

Generate Stunning Charts & Tables in Seconds

Our Charts & Tables module takes your data and generates stunning bar and pie charts in seconds. You can style your visualizations to match your brand and ensure they meet accessibility guidelines, then export them to a dashboard or profile. You can even use crosstabs to compare attributes or responses among your ecosystem members to find patterns or relationships in your data.

Charts & Tables: Top Benefits

Charts & Tables

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