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Evaluation & Consulting Services with a Network Science Lens.

Let our team of evaluation experts and network scientists bring their skills and knowledge to bear to meet your needs. Whether you need to measure & demonstrate collaborative impact, build new network technology and software, or create a data-driven collaborative strategy, we can help. Contact our team below to start exploring the possibilities!

Visible Network Labs

Evaluation & Consulting Services for All Your Needs

Design & Startup Services

We help organizations design network strategies and plan their evaluations.

Data Collection Services

Let us help you measure collaboration and collective impact.

Data Analysis Services

Work with our team to analyze and visualize network data.

Custom Reporting Services

We can create a report or presentation to help you tell your network’s story.

Coaching & Training Services

Custom training and learning solutions for your network or team.

Full Network Evaluation

Our team can run your PARTNER evaluation from start-to-finish.

Our Ongoing Project Partnerships

Let's Design a Strategy Together!

The VNL team are experts in measurement and evaluation design. We have over 20 years of experience designing measurement tools and surveys to get high quality, validated, and rigorous data to inform your network strategy. When we contract with you to design your system, we walk you through Steps 1 and 2 of our PARTNER method. First, you get access to an engaging and informative learning experience on “thinking like a network scientist”.

Once we are sure we are all on the same page on how network science will benefit your work, we move into the design phase where we get really clear on the problem you are trying to solve, the network you want to evaluate, and identify the gaps in your current knowledge of the networks/systems/ecosystem that you are focused on.

We make sure that you have a network strategy in place before leaping into the task of measuring. We use that information to created a measurement framework, develop the best data collection tools, and link it all to the data you will get in the end. If requested, we can build custom features to give you the most personalized experience possible. Learn more about our evaluation and consulting services below.

Evaluation & Consulting Services
Evaluation & Consulting Services
We'll Help You Ask the Right Questions!

While we make it ridiculously easy to launch and administer your PARTNER project, we are more than happy to take that off your plate too and ensure that our proven methods are in place and implemented to get the highest response possible from your network members. We can help create your survey, send it out to your network membership and compile the results for you to dig into and analyze.

If you’re looking for custom information, we can put our heads together to find innovative, effective survey solutions that work meet your unique needs. Get in touch with us and we can start discussing your specific network data collection needs.

We Can Analyze & Visualize Your Data with our Evaluation & Consulting Services.

The PARTNER platform puts all your data, graphs, and network maps at your fingertips. But if you are extra inquisitive, our world class data science and evaluation team can do extra customized analysis for you, to make the most out of your data. Our experience in social network analysis, statistics and data analytics means we can get you whatever answers you’re looking for in your network data.

Create Personalized, Stunning Reports & Presentations.
We know how important communication and dissemination are for your projects. The PARTNER team can build beautiful, easy to read and use reports to share with your funders, networks, and stakeholders. We can make these comprehensive and detailed, or short and animated for a busy audience. We love making your network maps beautiful products to share with the world, and are eager to make that happen.
Evaluation & Consulting Services
Evaluation & Consulting Services
Connect with Coaches & Trainers to Turn Insight into Action.
VNL has a devoted Learning Lab to help you make the most sense of your data and improve your network leadership skills. From our annual events to high-touch consulting we can provide the capacity building skills and advice you need to understand and use your data, and revise your strategy to make an even greater impact. We have built a network of educators, coaches, and network leaders ready to help you reach your full potential and are ready to make tackling the complexity of building, managing, and evaluating networks something you feel supported doing.
We can Conduct Full Evaluations from Start to Finish for your Organization.

When you don’t have the time or expertise to do your own network evaluation, we can help. We’ve worked with more than 400 nonprofit, public and private organizations visualize their network, demonstrate their impact, and create a strategy for the future. Get started and contact us to see how we can help your network with our evaluation and consulting services. Learn about our software here.

Meet our Current & Former Clients...

What our Clients Have to Say

VNL is an amazing team of professionals who are actively building tools, like PARTNER, that we need to measure collaboration, networks, and more. They think outside of the box, and they are an innovative partner when it comes to trying to define and measure those things that are innately challenging.

Katie Edwards

Executive Director, Nonprofit Centers Nework

VNL is an essential partner in the field of public health, where we rely on the strength of partnerships and networks to build our capacity and build innovative approaches to health. We are constantly being asked to measure the impact of our work, without VNL and PARTNER we wouldn’t be able to measure or justify the need for partnership.

Sarah Marie Ridder Lampe

CEO, Trailhead Institute

PARTNER has become a valuable tool for me because it measures important aspects of organizational relationships that help me understand what does and does not work well in partnerships. It’s also a great tool because it is easy to modify and implement in community-based settings.  The VNL staff are not only expert social network analysts, but they are very attentive and easy to work with. I can’t imagine studying these types of relationships without them.

Malcolm Williams, Ph.D.

Senior Policy Researcher, RAND Corporation