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PARTNER Trust and Value Metrics: A Brief

A Network Science Brief from Visible Network Labs

As the old saying goes, ‘garbage in, garbage out.’ If you aren’t asking the right questions during a social network analysis, you aren’t going to have reliable data to analyze later on. For this reason, we spent a great deal of time creating our PARTNER trust and value metrics, ensuring they’re valid and measure what you actually want to measure.

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The process began with a series of more than two-dozen interviews with network leaders in the field of public health. They provided real-world insight into what they look for in partnerships, and what impacts trust in their relationships. This was followed by an in-depth literature review to further dig into each concept raised during interviews. Finally, we tested our metrics in the field through numerous surveys, validating the measures through real-world testing and implementation.

Our trust metric is a composite score that uses three indicators: mission alignment, openness to discussion, and partner reliability. Our value metric is a composite score that also uses three indicators: resource contribution, power and influence, and support and commitment. The scores are built-in to our Validated Community Partner Survey, which comes with all PARTNER Platform subscriptions.

Learn more about our PARTNER Trust and Value Metrics or share this information with your team and network with our 2-page Brief below. Our online course teaches how to use these metrics to analyze and improve your network of partners and expand your social impact . Click here to learn more or enroll in the course.

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