Email Templates

Easily Collect Data or Share Info with Community Partners

Build and Send Custom Email Templates for Streamlined Communication

Keep your network updated and collect data from your community partners with custom email templates within PARTNER CPRM. Choose from our starter templates, add your custom language and merge tags, and save them to re-use again in the future. Communication has never been this easy!

Email Templates Features

Each feature is designed to help you seamlessly communicate, collect data, and share information with your network.

Three Starter Templates

Get started with our three starter templates included with all accounts.

Leverage Template Variables

Share custom links or reference member attributes with merge tags.

Customization Settings

Make emails personal with custom signatures and other settings.

Save Time and Work Quickly with Email Templates

Email Templates can be used for almost any purpose: sharing survey links, providing access to dashboards and profiles, or updating your community partners with other news and information. Avoid starting from scratch by duplicating templates, add a custom email signature, and use merge tags to refer to respondents by name.

Benefits of Email Templates

Email Templates

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