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PARTNER CPRM Network Analyzer

Social Network Analysis with the PARTNER CPRM Network Analyzer

Kickstarting our feature highlight series on the PARTNER CPRM platform, today’s article takes you inside the Network Analyzer. This tool leverages advanced Social Network Analysis and relational data to offer unparalleled insights into managing and mapping your network of community partners. Curious to learn how you can revolutionize your approach to community engagement? Then this is a must-read.

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What is the PARTNER CPRM Network Analyzer?

The Network Analyzer is our home base for network mapping and analysis. Built by network scientists specifically for evaluating community networks and collaboratives, it has powerful capabilities and a streamlined interface ideal for beginners. It contains all the critical functionality of advanced network analysis platforms without the complexity and cumbersome design. You can pick up the Network Analyzer and start using is almost immediately.

Visualize and Explore Your Ecosystem with the Network Analyzer

Impact MeasurementTraditional methods often promote a “more is better” approach to community partnerships, which can be both exhausting and resource-draining. Network Analyzer shifts the focus to quality over quantity, emphasizing strategic connections that bring value and effectiveness to your organization. 

Because PARTNER CPRM was explicitly made for this, it contains unique features and tools to help social sector organizations strategize and strengthen their collaborative impact while making their data and findings accessible to the community and their partners.

Let’s take a more detailed look at what the PARTNER CPRM Network Analyzer can do.

How the Network Analyzer Works: A Closer Look

The Network Analyzer automatically populates with data from your network and partner surveys and question sets. There are four main options for analysis, each providing a different way to explore and interpret your community partner relationship data. Here is a quick overview of them each:

1. Network Analysis

The primary analysis tool within the Analyzer allows you to map and explore the connections and interactions within your network of community partners. Filter your network members according to tags and attributes, relationship attributes, or answers to surveys, and identify key players, gaps, and opportunities in your network. Track how it evolves to adapt your strategy accordingly and demonstrate your progress and impact. All network maps can be exported to reports or as an image at any time to share them.

2. GIS Mapping

PARTNER CPRM Network Analyzer GIS Mapping

Integration with ArcGIS provides robust Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping and analysis. Work with our team during onboarding and implementation to add geographic base layers to identify gaps in your network mapped to local conditions and community health data. This is a powerful way to link your collaboration with partners to community-level outcomes in priority counties, neighborhoods, communities, or states.

3. Network Scores & Data

The Network Score Table shows all your network scores and raw data in a layout optimized for sorting and filtering. It is a helpful tool for identifying outliers and patterns in the data at a glance. Also, it allows you to export your data for further analysis in other software platforms.

4. Charts, Graphs, & Crosstabs

You can create pie or bar charts, tables, and cross-tabulation tables using the fourth Data Visualizer screen. These are great for non-relational data, like the diversity of your network, levels of agreement, partner opinions on goals or your level of success. You can add these charts or graphs to any report with a button.

Network Analyzer Real-World Examples

The Network Analyzer is not just an analytical powerhouse; it’s a catalyst for change. Whether you’re analyzing your network daily or taking a deeper dive quarterly, the insights you’ll gain are invaluable for steering your strategic course. Let’s explore some real-world applications:

1. Identify Key Players and Influencers

Network Analyzer shines in identifying the essential nodes within your network—those individuals or organizations that serve as influencers, connectors, or gatekeepers. Network scores like centrality can quickly shine a light on them across your community ecosystem.

These key players can help you mobilize resources, effect change, or serve as champions for your mission. Knowing who they are enables you to allocate your resources more effectively.

2. Attribute New Partnerships to Your Efforts

Understanding the genesis of network relationships can help quantify your efforts. Did a new partnership form as a result of your last community outreach event? With Network Analyzer, you can track these developments and directly attribute them to your actions, creating a compelling case for your work’s impact.

3. Find Gaps and Opportunities in the Network

You can’t fix what you can’t see. Network Analyzer helps identify gaps in relationships and unrealized partnership opportunities. It points out areas in the network that are either too sparse or overly concentrated, allowing you to re-strategize and work towards a balanced, effective network.

4. Link Collaborative Processes with Community Outcomes

With the tool’s GIS Mapping feature, it’s easier than ever to link your collaborative activities to tangible community outcomes. This can be incredibly useful for grant applications or stakeholder reports, providing hard evidence that your network’s efforts are making a real difference.

5. Understand the Collaborative Ecosystem

Your network isn’t just a series of points; it’s a complex ecosystem of interrelated organizations and individuals. Network Analyzer can help you understand the health of this ecosystem—helping you anticipate challenges, identify trends, and understand the broader context within which you operate.

The PARTNER Network Analyzer Makes SNA Easy

The Network Analyzer within PARTNER CPRM is a game-changer for organizations aiming to manage their community partnerships effectively. Stay tuned for our next feature highlight: Our Validated Trust and Value Scores.

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