Identifying Social
Needs and Support to
Improve Pediatric Care

Our tools help Pediatric Providers screen patients and families to identify social
needs and visualize their network of support. By providing targeted data
and a built-in referral system, we make it easy to connect your patients with
helpful community resources to improve health and well-being.

Get the data and insight you need to provide patient-centerd care.

We know that social needs like housing and transportation impact our patient’s health and well-being. PARTNERme provides complete visibility into a patient’s social connectedness and risks along with their network of social support. It allows providers to honor and acknowledge the ways a family is working to support themselves while addressing social needs they aren’t meeting on their own. The results are numerous:  a stronger provider-patient relationship, better health outcomes for children, and reduced care costs in the long run.

Target a patient's most pressing unmet need with the least amount of social support.

Many pediatric clinics already use some kind of screening and referral process to address the social determinants of health. However, most only ask about needs and deficiencies, ignoring the assets and strengths a patient’s family brings with them. We help identify the most pressing unmet need and provide a targeted community referral to address it without overwhelming the patient and their family.

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