Supporting the Public Sector with Data-Driven Network Science

We support local, state, and federal government agencies, with a focus on those in the public health field. Our team uses our network science perspective and social network analysis techniques to evaluate program effectiveness, demonstrate your impact, and help build strategies for the future.

Build a smarter network of community partners, evaluate your impact, and find new ways to reach your goals collaboratively.

In today’s public sector, leaders have to be network leaders; creating and galvanizing action among a web of diverse community partners and stakeholders. We use our unique network science perspective to map and analyze these networks, in order to identify opportunities, demonstrate shared impact, and build strategies to scale that impact into the future.

Leverage our team of network science experts to advance your work and impact

Our public sector partnerships are diverse, including program evaluation, research and development, strategic design, and more. Here are several recent examples:

  • Evaluating the Mass in Motion public health program with the Massachusetts Deptartment of Public Health
  • Building a stronger network of community partners with the Tri-County Health Department
  • Researching social connectedness among veterans with the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.

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