Helping Foundations
and Philanthropists
Expand Their Impact

We have helped numerous foundations measure their
collective impact, build better strategies, and leverage
their networks & partnerships more effectively. 

Track your network of community partners to collaborate more strategically and demonstrate your collective impact to the community.

Whether you want to formalize an existing group of partners, build and fund networks on the ground, or conduct original research to better understand networks and collaboration, our team can help. We’ve worked with nearly a dozen local, state, national, and international foundations to help them use social network analysis to generate actionable insights. Learn more about how we can help your team below.

We can help you build, manage, and evaluate networks and collaboration.

Our tools help foundations build and leverage networks more effectively using social network analysis. Here are several examples. 

  • Evaluating the Networks for School Improvement Portfolio for the Gates Foundation to measure and improve their outcomes.
  • Providing data-driven insights to help the DC Bar Foundation formalize a new D.C. Area Legal Aid Network
  • Measuring social connectedness at two pediatric care clinics to improve health outcomes with the Community First Foundation.

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