The Problem.

The Glasser/Schoenbaum Human Services Center is part of a network of nonprofits in Sarasota County, Florida providing counseling and other human services to the community. The area is home to a highly-competitive, highly-involved nonprofit industry because of its attraction to retirees who come for their robust arts and culture scene. However our donors felt bombarded by the number of events and requests they get for support from community nonprofits. They wanted to know, “Why we weren’t working together more” and, “Why are there so many silos? Why are you duplicating efforts?” While those of us entrenched in nonprofit services knew a different story, we didn’t as a community have a way to illustrate just how well connected and non-siloed we were. 

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Campus Organizations
Partner Programs

The Solution.

We created a PARTNER survey to send to our network of nonprofit human service organizations in Sarasota County, FL. We created our survey with two specific questions in mind:

  1. First, how are human service nonprofits and other organizations working together in Sarasota County?
  2. Second, how are patients/client referrals working between human service nonprofits and the local hospital system?

We used a collaborative process among stakeholders to create a list of network members. The survey was created with assistance from VNL staff and sent to the network. A total of 41 respondents answered the survey, providing us a wealth of knowledge about the connections in the human services field in our County. 

Illustrating the specific relationships between our hospital, nonprofit service providers, and local foundations has been a game-changer. It’s a. win-win-win for our integrated community of donors, foundations, and nonprofits. Funders are now able to see the relationships the human service system has with them and with each other. The nonprofits can clearly see where opportunities are available for enhanced or more strategic partnerships, and donors can dispel beliefs that we are operating in silos.

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Their Thoughts.

Start using PARTNER on your own Evaluation!

The PARTNER Platform makes it easy to do this kind of network evaluation on your own, without spending thousands on consultants and evaluators. You can go through the entire process from sending your survey to finalizing your report for less than $100! Sign up for a Web Demo to see it for yourself, or download the ECC Report to see more about this project!