Giving Nonprofit Networks a Data-Driven Edge to Scale Their Impact

As nonprofit organizations increasingly join and organize coalitions and networks, they need tools to guide their efforts, measure their progress, and help them ensure a return on their investment. Our tools and team of experts provide the data and insight needed to collaborate strategically and scale your social impact.

Identify key players in the community, measure the value and trust of your partnerships, and demonstrate your impact to stakeholders and funders.

Networking is often a full time job for nonprofits, no matter their size. Building and managing a network of community partners is expected by funders and stakeholders, without clear guidance on what works well. Our network science tools and team of experts can help you leverage social network analysis to measure the structure and quality of your network. With these new insights, you can find better ways to collaborate and share resources so you can do more to improve education, clean up the environment, or serve your community.

Leverage our team of network science experts to advance your social impact

Our nonprofit sector partnerships are diverse, including program evaluation, research and development, strategic design, and more. Here are several recent examples:

  • Evaluating the Brightbeam network for impact and finding opportunities for leveraging existing partnerships in new ways.
  • Guiding the work of the First 2000 Days Network in developing goals and measuring their progress.
  • Working with Startup Colorado to better understand and strengthen the state’s entrepreneurial support ecosystem.

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