Screening for Social
Connectedness to
Support Mental Health

We work with several mental health centers and providers
to screen their clients for social needs and support. With
this kind of data, providers can acknowledge the assets a
client brings to their own care, identify gaps in support, and fill them
with targeted community referrals.

Take a strengths-based approach to map and understand your client's support network, social needs, and unique perspective.

Having visibility into a client’s social support network and needs provides valuable insight for mental health providers to improve treatment and care. Understanding the client’s perspective in terms of their needs, like housing, employment, and transportation, along with the people they turn to support, allows you to take a strengths-based approach to fill their unmet needs. When implemented over time, PARTNER helps clients build the resiliency necessary to leverage their support system more effectively, improving outcomes and increasing the capacity of providers.

We can help you visualize personal support networks and measure social connectedness

Our tools help mental health providers screen their clients for social connectedness and needs. Here are several examples. 

  • Working with the Jefferson Center Trauma Systems Therapy team to screen young adults and parents of children in the program.
  • Partnering with the Mental Health Center of Denver’s 2Succeed in Education, their psychiatric rehabilitation program.
  • Assisting the Department of Veteran Affairs Together with Veterans to screen rural veterans at risk of suicide.

Meet our partners working in the Mental Health sector:

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