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Using Social Network Analysis to Build Collaborative Strategies

https://youtu.be/plXJcRT2ouM Network mapping and social network analysis is a powerful method for visualizing the quality and quantity of connections in a network of partners. It allows you to see who works with who, what resources are exchanged, how partners trust and value one another, and

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Ecosystem Mapping and tracking

Webinar: Ecosystem Mapping and Tracking with PARTNER

https://youtu.be/1EpAPAqmjSQ Ecosystem Mapping and Tracking Can Teach You a LOT. An ecosystem consists of all the organizations, individuals, programs, and other entities that interact and interconnect to affect the outcomes of your work. For example, the healthcare ecosystem includes organizations like hospitals, clinics, public health

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Translating Network Data Into Actionable Insights

Translating Network Data Into Actionable Insights – September 2020 Network Leadership Webinar

https://youtu.be/UTH3hHITDBA Translating Network Data Into Actionable Insights An organizational network analysis provides valuable information to drive your collaborative strategy and better manage your community partnerships. However the key impact comes from translating network data into actionable insights that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your

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Evaluating Collaboration From the Ground Up

Evaluating Collaboration From the Ground Up: August 2019 Webinar

Evaluating Collaboration: A Webinar Starting an evaluation of a coalition, network or other inter-organizational partnership isn’t easy.  Leah Perkinson of Evergreen Consulting joined us for an hour-long discussion on evaluating collaboration the right way to make the most of your analysis. She’s joined by VNL

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Intensity of collaboration

Measuring the Intensity of Collaboration In a Network

Collaboration is a broad term encompassing many kinds of connection, interaction, and partnership. While there are many different ways to measure this intensity, we use a four-level scale to avoid complicating things and make the survey easy for network members to answer. This ensures we

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