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Category: Infographics

Ecosystem mapping 101 infographic

Ecosystem Mapping 101 Infographic: System Change for Social Impact

Ecosystem mapping involves mapping the relationships and interactions between the networks, stakeholders, policies, and environment on a specific issue or context. For example, the public health ecosystem consists of all the organizations in the public, non-profit, and private health sector, along with social service providers,

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Layering Network Data

Layering Network Data to Create Actionable Insights

Social network analysis is a powerful way to visualize collaboration between partners, demonstrate your collective impact, and create actionable insights to improve the way you work together in the future. While a good deal of attention goes into designing and sharing your survey, the real

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social isolation vs loneliness

Social Isolation vs Loneliness: An Infographic Explainer

Social isolation and loneliness appear a lot in the news these days. Following the past two years of quarantines and social distancing, these twin concerns are now a major priority for governments, mental health providers, and others in a number of sectors. However, there are

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Indicators of Social Isolation Among Older Adults

Many studies suggest that older adults face a higher risk of social isolation and loneliness than the average American. This is due to several reasons, including a greater likelihood of losing a spouse or significant other, physical isolation in a care home, and a reduction

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How to Analyze a Network Map

How to Analyze a Network Map: An Infographic

If you’ve ever looked at a map of a social network, it probably looked like a jumble of interconnected lines and nodes. Without the right skill and training, analyzing such a network map is an incredibly difficult task. You need to have an understanding of

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How Does Social Connectedness Influence Health?

Over the past four decades, a significant body of literature has demonstrated that there is a significant link between social connectedness – our relationships with others – and our health and well-being. While this feels and sounds intuitive, you may have wondered specifically how our

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effective network management

5 Critical Tasks for Effective Network Management

Managing a network of community partners is no easy task. Unlike typical hierarchical organizations, a network is horizontal with few formal mechanisms for accountability through control. Network leaders have to rely on more abstract ideas like trust and mission alignment to keep their partners accountable,

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