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partner trust and value metrics

PARTNER Trust and Value Metrics: A Brief

A Network Science Brief from Visible Network Labs As the old saying goes, ‘garbage in, garbage out.’ If you aren’t asking the right questions during a social network analysis, you aren’t going to have reliable data to analyze later on. For this reason, we spent

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Ecosystem Mapping and tracking

Webinar: Ecosystem Mapping and Tracking with PARTNER

https://youtu.be/1EpAPAqmjSQ Ecosystem Mapping and Tracking Can Teach You a LOT. An ecosystem consists of all the organizations, individuals, programs, and other entities that interact and interconnect to affect the outcomes of your work. For example, the healthcare ecosystem includes organizations like hospitals, clinics, public health

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partner method for network strategy

PARTNER Method for Network Strategy: A Brief

A Network Science Brief from Visible Network Labs Once you make the decision to take a network approach to solving a problem, you need to design a specific strategy – the way you will build, manage and evaluate your network – in order to reach

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Organizational Network Structures

Organizational Network Structures: 6 Common Examples

There are many different ways to structure a network… for example, in a decentralized structure, everyone in a network can be connected to everyone else, while in a centralized structure, everyone connects to a single, central entity. Each of these organizational network structures has its

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Systems Thinking Quotes

Systems Thinking Quotes | 23 Favorite Thought-Provoking Sayings

Systems thinking is an important perspective for all network leaders! A network is fundamentally a system, experiencing many of the same dynamics that other systems go through, including emergence, feedback loops, and interconnection. We’ve come across many insightful systems thinking quotes and sayings over our

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What is a network strategy?

What is a Network Strategy? Why Is Having One So Important?

For those working in the field of social impact, building networks is part of the new normal. Creating partnerships with other organizations lets us share resources and knowledge, coordinate our action, and leverage diverse forms of value like influence and experience. However it is too

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Virtual Facilitation webinar

Webinar: Virtual Facilitation in the Age of COVID-19

https://youtu.be/phi5IWIBdiM Virtual Facilitation Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult… Our Webinar Can Help! COVID-19 has changed the way network leaders meet and engage with each other. Given the very real need to avoid face-to-face interactions and socially distance, many are turning to virtual facilitation to fill

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Closed Vs Open Networks

Closed Vs Open Networks: When is Each Most Effective?

In network theory, a major focus of study is on the relative ‘openness’ of a network, and its relationship with network effectiveness. Specifically, people wonder whether the ideal is closed vs open networks. Coleman (1988) introduced a theory that claims tighter, densely interconnected, ‘closed’ networks

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Network Purpose

Network Purpose: What Can You Accomplish Collectively?

People build networks for a reason, what we call their “network purpose.” Some networks or alliances are extremely focused in what they address, while others take a more fluid approach and change their purpose over time. However, it’s important to pick a purpose with intent

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