PARTNER Method for Network Strategy: A Brief

A Network Science Brief from Visible Network Labs

Once you make the decision to take a network approach to solving a problem, you need to design a specific strategy – the way you will build, manage and evaluate your network – in order to reach your shared goals. We created our PARTNER Method, a process for creating, tracking and adapting your strategy over time to advance your network objective. Here’s a quick overview of the PARTNER Method for Network Strategy.

SHIFT YOUR MINDSET: Before you dig into your strategy, take time to shift your perspective to think like a network scientist, with a basic foundation in terms of network thinking and science.

DESIGN YOUR STRATEGY: Take time to think through the various aspects of building, managing and evaluating your network, and make intentional decisions and plans for each consideration.

TRACK YOUR STRATEGY: Use a social network analysis platform like PARTNER to track your strategic progress over time and inform your decision-making.

ADAPT YOUR STRATEGY: Translate your network maps and data into actionable insights for adapting your strategy to respond to what’s going on in your network.

ENACT YOUR NEW STRATEGY: With your new network strategy in hand, work on implementing these adaptations with on-the-ground changes in the way you build, manage & evaluate your network.

Learn more about our PARTNER Method for network strategy development or share this information with your team and network with our 2-page Brief below. We also offer an online course that teaches you how to go through these five stages, with lots of guidance and support along the way. Click here to learn more or enroll in the course.

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