Learn to Design Data-Driven Network Strategies!

Our online course provides the skills and knowledge needed to build and adapt network strategies that drive collaborative impact. Be part of the inaugural class – sign up for event updates to learn more!

Leading a network isn't easy. Our online course will help.

More than ever, organizations from all sectors are building networks to help improve societal outcomes. In public health, education, early childhood systems and more, collaboration is seen as key to solving wicked problems. 

However building and maintaining networks takes time, and it isn’t easy to prove all that effort is making a difference. Our new online course will focus on providing you the skill, knowledge and tools you need to collect data and leverage network science to build a network strategy. Armed with this training, you’ll be ready to start building a more strategic network and improving outcomes!

What will the online course cover?

We start with basic network science, walk through the steps to build a data-driven network strategy, and how to collect and track you networks to visualize and assess how well your networks are meeting key strategies. Attendees will map the current state of their networks and then map the ideal state of their networks.  This exercise creates an opportunity for network leaders to begin to conceptualize data-driven network strategies. 

Explore the 5 steps of our PARTNER Method below & how they’re a part of the course!

To build a data-driven network strategy, you need to shift your mindset to think like a network scientist. Our course helps facilitate this shift to help you ask the right questions and look in the right places when building and testing your strategy.

A network strategy consists of more than your goal: It’s a series of decisions to guide you there as quickly as possible. We’ll help you brainstorm your ideal network, along with the key factors and metrics you’ll need to stay on track.

With your strategy in hand, we will walk you through the process of collecting network data to evaluate your strategy. This includes learning to use the PARTNER Platform to evaluate your work and inform your collaboration overtime.

For your data to be useful, it has to be translated into clear action steps. We’ll use our network science experience to help you analyze your data and draw out the key insight that drives improvement.

How do you implement change, once you have the right insight and data? We finish by teaching you how to enact your action plan and improve your strategy, before moving back to the tracking stage once more for continous quality improvement.