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Welcome to the Learning Lab!

At Visible Network Labs we are committed to helping people to develop their capacity to build, manage, and evaluate effective networks. Many people today are deeply engaged in the “network way of working,” but there are very few places we can get the Network Leadership skills we need to be successful. The Learning Lab is where we provide in-person workshops, online webinars, product demos, and peer supported learning opportunities to help network innovators move their networks to the next level. Subscribe to our Event Updates so you don’t miss out on any learning opportunities!


Annual Network Innovation Summit

Come discover the future of networks in communities at the 1st Annual Network Innovation Summit. Don’t miss this one-day peer-learning gathering of the latest innovation, mindset shifts, and collective energy around the future of networks in communities.

Network Leadership Training Academy

Here you will roll up your sleeves to get in-depth skill development on how to build, manage, and evaluate effective networks. Join a suite of expert trainers and facilitators, community members and activists, and a whole community of people like you in the network way of working!

Monthly Network Leadership Webinars

Our Network Leadership Series brings you monthly webinars on a variety of topics related to the network way of working. Most webinars feature a guest practitioner from the field, co-hosted by our CEO Dr. Varda. Click below to register for the next webinar!

Group Open Office Hour Sessions

Getting back to our roots as professors and scientists, Office Hours are an informal way to connect and learn with our VNL staff! Join us once a month for a group session with our team to ask questions, get feedback about your work and projects, and learn more about networks!

Coming Soon: The Network Strategy Online Course!

Our team is working hard to develop a new online course to help networks develop data-driven strategies to improve social outcomes! We’ll empower you with the skills and knowledge you need to analyze your network and start translating the data into action. If you’re interested in learning more, register for our Online Course Updates and we’ll send you more information as it becomes available! Email us at learning@visiblenetworklabs.com if you have further questions!

Upcoming Learning Lab Events...

Consulting Office Hours Session – January 2020

VNL Office Hour Sessions are your opportunity to chat with our staff, evaluators, trainers, and network scientists 100% free! You can ask questions, get feedback, or just listen and learn with us in this group-learning environment. Spots are limited to ensure we can get to

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PARTNER Live Web Demo – January 2020

Join us for an overview demo of the PARTNER Platform. This includes the Survey Builder, Data Uploader and PCN App for collecting data, and the Data Visualizer, Insights Library and Report Builder for analyzing and reporting data. Register here.

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Network Innovation Summit (NIS)

Come discover the future of networks in communities at the 1st Annual Network Innovation Summit. Don’t miss this one-day gathering of the latest innovation, mindset shifts, and collective energy around the future of networks in communities.

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New Resources in the Library...

Creating bias-free surveys

Create Bias-Free Surveys: Three Pitfalls to Avoid

Bias is pernicious: it creeps into all kinds of research, including surveys and social network analysis! The more bias you introduce into your survey, the less reliable and accurate your data will be. This is why it’s important to check your survey for bias, at

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November Network Newsletter

November Network Newsletter

            Can’t see images? View this email in your browser Happy Thanksgiving to all our partners and subscribers – we’re thankful for all of you! This month, we’ve got a few new resources from our Network Science Resource Library to share below. First,

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Networks are the answer

Networks are the Answer… Right?

While most of us think networks are the answer, it’s not always true. It’s okay to get a little overwhelmed by how over-networked we have become: I certainly do. That might surprise you, given that I run an organization whose mission is to support collaborative

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Why most network maps miss the point

Why Most Network Maps Miss the Point

Network maps are becoming more popular than ever, and it’s not surprising at all. People are realizing more than ever how much social connections matter and influence outcomes. Network maps are an easy way to visualize your relationships, and begin analyzing a network of partners.

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Tips for Better Network Facilitation

Three Tips for Better Network Facilitation

Network Stuck? Get Unstuck with a Facilitator! One of the most important, yet overlooked roles in a network is that of a facilitator. A facilitator is a person that makes an action or process easier by keeping discussion and decision-making processes moving along.  Making things

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October 2019 Network Newsletter

                Can’t see images? View this email in your browser Greetings {{first_name}}, We hope October has brought you positive change and growth – it sure has for us! This month in our newsletter, we’re introducing two new members of our

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using data to tell your network's story

Using Data to Tell Your Network’s Story

Using data to enhance a network’s story highlights the impact of collaboration amongst community members sharing a common goal. Networks can use data to demonstrate to partners, stakeholders, and funders how the quality of their partnerships are progressing over time and why working together is

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