Understanding Social Connectedness Among Young Adults with our Youth Social Support Fellows

March 30, 2022 | 12 pm MT | A Strengthening Social Connectedness Webinar

Strengthening Social Connectedness Among Young People

Our social connections play an incredibly important role during our childhood and adolescence, providing mentors, resources, and opportunities to leverage as we learn, develop, and mature. Strengthening social connectedness among young people thus has the potential to improve their educational outcome and quality of life for decades to come in the future.

In partnership with the Annie E. Casey Foundation, VNL is working with an amazing team of youth social support research fellows to better understand how young people conceptualize, build, and leverage their social connections to support themselves, their friends, and their families. Some of our research questions include:

  • How do young adults think about and describe social connectedness?
  • How is social connectedness different for different groups of young adults compared to older generations?
  • How do those differences impact how young adults access resources?
  • How does that align with how young adults want to be connected to resources?

During the webinar our fellows will present on their initial findings, followed by a discussion on how this information will help us better support young people in the future.

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Meet our Webinar Speakers

Kyra Stoute

Youth Social Support Research Fellow

Martha Gonzalez

Youth Social Support Research Fellow

Zoe Crocker

Youth Social Support Research Fellow

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