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Thousands of professionals across sectors are building and working together in networks. However there’s no degree for this kind of work. Our Community provides opportunities to network, engage in peer-learning, develop network leadership skills and knowledge critical for success. Watch a webinar, sign up for our online course, or register for a live workshop today! 

Get the skills, tool & knowledge you need to build, manage & evaluate cross-sector networks & partnerships.

We started our Learning Lab with our Network Leadership Training Academy nearly a decade ago, originally hosted by the University of Colorado Center on Network Science. Since then, we’ve grown to offer two annual events, monthly webinars for skill development and peer-learning, and a network strategy online course that’s in development. Looking for a topic we don’t seem to cover? Reach out to our team, we appreciate your ideas and feedback to improve. Learn more about our events, sign up for updates, explore our webinars or more to get started.

Virtual Events & Workshops

Join our annual Network Leadership Training Academy to dig into skill development or the Network Innovation Summit to explore the future of network leadership.

Network Leadership Webinars

Watch one of twenty-two peer-learning and skill development webinars focused on building, managing and evaluating networks, or register for our next live Webinar session.

Network Leader Online Courses

Sign up to get updates about our two new online courses in development. They'll focus on analyzing network data and designing data-driven collaborative strategies.

"The Network Leadership Training Academy was my greatest experience for professional growth and new learning this year. It was exhilarating to discover other network leaders who were dealing with the same issues we wrestle with. We found many resources and sessions highly applicable to our work."
Dave Hacket
Network Advisor, visionSynergy
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