Webinar: Six Characteristics of High Performing Networks

If we are investing time in a network as a leader or participant, wouldn’t we prefer that our network operate with excellence and its efforts land right on target? High-performance networks don’t happen accidentally- they are marked by specific characteristics that set them apart from the pack. In this webinar, visionSynergy senior network advisor Dave Hackett joins us and shares six characteristics of high-performance networks from his 25+ years experience working with international multi-organizational networks. You’ll finish armed with practical, real-world insights for improving your network of partners to do more with less and better reach your collaborative goals.

Our Network Leadership webinar series provides the skills and knowledge you need to succeed building, managing and evaluating cross-sector community networks. Visit the Network Leadership Webinar homepage to register for an upcoming webinar or watch any of our two dozen other recorded sessions on a variety of topics.

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