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How to Nurture a Culture of Exchange

How to Nurture a Culture of Exchance

Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources Almost a decade ago, Dutch blogger Joitske Hulsebosch used a phrase in her blog that has stuck with me. The phrase has proved to be quite useful, and as relevant to networks today as back then. She wrote that

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What Is Community-Led Innovation?

What is Community-Led Innovation?

Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources Writing from a desk at a company that identifies as a Social Enterprise & Technology Start-Up, it might sound counterintuitive to say that we at Visible Network Labs do not believe that all “innovation” is synonymous with “technology.” Yes,

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The Future of social impact is inclusive entrepreneurship

Inclusive Entrepreneurship: The Future of Social Impact

Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources Last week I had the pleasure to speak at the Forward Cities National Conference – a national gathering of people committed to building the ecosystem to support inclusive innovation and entrepreneurship. While most of this event was what I expected, what

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Building Cultures that Help us Collaborate

Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources You wake up in the morning and turn off your alarm. You get dressed in your jeans and button up shirt. You balance your cup of coffee in your hand as you lock your door. You ride the subway,

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The Value NonProfits Bring to Cross-Sector Collaborations

The Value Non-Profits Bring to Cross-Sector Collaborations

Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources While collaboration across organizations has always existed in one form or another, the need for organizations to engage with others for the pursuit of broad-reaching outcomes in the face of limited resources has increased substantially over the last thirty

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How Limited Bandwidth Can be Liberating

Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources On a cold, snowy January morning, I laid on the couch with my foot elevated, two weeks post-op from surgery to repair torn cartilage and ligaments in my right foot. In an attempt to regain some semblance of normalcy,

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best network quotes

Thirty Best Network Quotes

Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources Who doesn’t love a good quote? Through our workshops, webinars, forum and social media, we’ve collected quite a few of our favorite network quotes over the years. We decided to share thirty of our favorites that’ll give you plenty

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Most of our blogs articles relate back to the five step of our PARTNER method for designing and adapting data-driven network strategies. From shifting your mindset and creating strategy, to collecting and analyzing data, we help in the blog. 

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